January, Week 2 Recap

The year 2020 is here and it is already a lively one in the gaming industry. This last week and a half were certainly eventful with mostly good news and exciting announcements. We’ve scoured the web to cover the most relevant gaming happenings, and we’ve also delved into the mobile world a bit more, from a technological point of view. We will include the most important posts made by us and some of the most relevant online publications that are in the same niche.

To get right on it, TouchTapPlay has played Adorable Home and Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul and has emerged from the experience with a helpful guide for people who enjoy the games. Their Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul guide and tips lists are intended for players that wish to increase power quicker and progress through the beginning stages of the game at a fast pace. Similarly to that, they’ve organized the Adorable Home tips & guide tutorial for improving your love with your virtual cats and discovering all of them in-game.

Adorable Home

iPhoneGlance has followed up the release of Ragnarok Tactics SEA closely and has featured some interesting info about the new mobile game. It is the latest installment of the Ragnarok Online series, with the idle system, and it is out for less than two days now but is already growing in popularity. They also recommended the best App for keeping photos and videos on your Smartphone and their privacy, and it is the Keep Photos Secret App.

PocketGamer has comprised a list of best Games of the Week, uploaded on January 9th, and it features some of the latest mobile gaming titles they deemed worthy to make it to the top 5. The release of Klee: Spacetime Cleaners was featured by 148Apps, and it is a fast-paced auto-shooter, that already surpassed 100k registers before it was out. AppSpy did a thorough research of the recent info available for the upcoming Dead Cells Android game, including the release date which is this year.

Dead Cells Coming To Android 2020

January, Week 2 Recap

STYLIT – fashion sim game was announced

STYLIT – Make your Style release date was set and revealed to be in March 2020. No exact day has been pinpointed, but the game seems to attract attention for pushing the ever-expanding boundaries of video games even further. In this mobile game, you are a fashion designer. You tailor, make, and dress people in your creations, participate in competitions, and live the fashion life. It sounds quite cool, doesn’t it?

Besides clothes, you can also get various accessories, bags, shoes, hats, and more stuff for your character. You express your sense of style and fashion and live the life of a designer and socialite. More news about STYLIT is expected to drop before the March release, which is set for March as mentioned.

Huawei P40 – rumors and expectations

P40 is supposed to launch in Q1 2020, most likely in March. Huawei’s previous flagship, P30 was pretty much on-par with Samsung Galaxy S10, so we expect P40 to deliver even better performance. As far as the rumors go, P40 is expected to have a powerful camera set-up, but still come at a reasonable price like p#0, which will hopefully be around $900 bucks. There will also be the Pro version, but neither one will launch in the US, as a result of the Phone Wars we’ve covered every step of the way. Huawei and the US government have not managed to find common ground, and the UK might be left out too.

PUBG Mobile launched a new update – 0.16.5

PUBG Mobile update 0.16.5 brought a lot of new content, which is already being enjoyed by the multitudes. This includes the new Domination mode and the new Arena map called “Town”. There is also a brand-new Royale Pass Season 11 themed with “Operation Tomorrow”. The new map “Town” features the new Domination mode, which assigns players into two teams in a 4v4 setup. Capturing the base is the name of the game. One random base is activated at the start and both teams compete who will capture it. The first to capture 3 is the winner.

There are also lots of new weapons and the introduction of the Super Weapon Crate. Warehouse map original version is now again included in the Arena Training map rotation, which is a haven for practice. There are also new missions, rewards, Operation Tomorrow missions, outfits, and other cosmetics. So, check them out!

Top 10 F2P and P2P grossing Games of 2019

We’ve comprised the list of what we think is the most important category when mobile games are involved. It is fine that games are looking better than ever. The gameplay is exploring features never-before-seen. It is all quite impressive, but, the eternal question remains – can we play this or will some newb with a rich dad come and kill us on sight? We’ve examined the community feedback on a global scale and came up with lists for free-to-play highest grossing games and also for Pay-to-play games.