hidden survivor

Joy Brick brings an interesting hide and seek/survival game to iOS and Android with Hidden Survivor

Hidden Survivor is an interesting game that was released last December that you might have missed. It’s effectively a survival hide and seek game with overarching roguelike elements.

You’ll start off with one anime-styled character who’s discovered a sanctuary and over time you’ll recruit more. However, you’ll need to leave the relative safety of the sanctuary each day in order to gather resources to make food and drink as well as upgrading the facilities in your home base.

This exploration makes up the bulk of the game. Here you’re thrown into PVP hide and seek matches that last 3 minutes. During this time you’ll have to gather resources by disguising yourself as objects that then yield the items you’re after. So, being a fire extinguisher periodically rewards you with metal.

hidden survivor

Every so often, one player will be able to become a seeker by consuming a pink item called the reset potion. This will return them to human form, allowing them to spend 30 seconds hunting down other players and killing them for resource bonuses, that is if they can tell which random piece of furniture is a person, of course.

The higher you rank on the leaderboard the more resources you will earn at the end of the game, so becoming the seeker is the aim because it allows you to rack up a very high score in a short amount of time. Particularly in the latter stages when the map becomes smaller as more rooms become closed off.

Outside of the hide and seek gameplay there are three bars you’ll have to monitor to ensure your survivors don’t die. These are thirst, hunger and spirit. Different food, drinks and facilities can keep each stat full so you’ll have to manage your resources to ensure all of your survivors are catered for. If they do perish, you’ll have to start from day 1 again.

You can download Hidden Survivor right now for either iOS or Android. It’s free-to-play with in-app purchases.