Saturday, February 23



From June 20 to July 19 King of Avalon will celebrate its 2nd anniversary with the new version of the game and the most prestigious tournament so far.

The 4.5 update that will go live during the anniversary will contain a lot of interesting features, starting with a new loading screen. First thing, that most of you probably heard about, are three new heroes, including one orange hero. That orange hero is no one other than King Arthur himself, and he fits in the Master Enforcer slot. Then we have Sir Baudwin, the Master of War, and Elaine of Garlow, the Master of Strategy.  The interesting thing about these heroes is if you have all three appointed, you’ll get the special extra buff just for having them. You’ll see that the Royal Return buffs are added, which is pretty convenient for someone who likes his master royal. With new heroes, there will be a new hero trial, which will replace a combo trial in Merlin’s trial list. Unfortunately, hero trials won’t be available in 4.5 updates, so we’ll have to wait for 4.6 to see what the deal with it is.

Another interesting addition is a building next to the spire, where you can check the leaderboards without having to access your Lord profile. It’s essentially just a faster way for you to get to the leaderboards, and it’s both aesthetic and easy to use.

Next, we have a holiday event called Hidden Threat, and you can find some information about it in your Event Center. You can pillage barbarian camps and kill monsters in order to gather two items, Dark Stone and Soul Dew. You can combine those two items to get Oracle Dust, which will reveal the special monsters on the map. You can then rally these beasts with your alliance members and can claim some pretty hefty rewards.




Speaking of events, there’s also a brand new top-up event, called Mark of Destiny, so you can go in and choose your rewards and each reward is assigned to the stars seen on the left. Then you can use Destiny Essence to reveal cards. It’s similar to a board game, so if no cards match one another you’ll move just one step ahead, with two matches you can take two steps and claim both rewards, while with three matches you will move three steps. So, you’ll run around the board until you run out of essence, which you can replenish by spending gold and buying packages. There’s a big change in the Trial Shops too.  There are several new items, prices, and quantities available.

Last, but not least, there’s King of Avalon Anniversary Event. This event will be available to every player who upgrades the game to 4.5 version. The players have the task to create any kind of work that celebrates the anniversary of King of Avalon. By uploading relevant work, you’ll be able to earn prizes, based on the votes of the public.  The entries will be available on the website for all the users to vote for whichever work they think is the best. It will be one entry per player, and you will receive participation prizes just by submitting something related to the game’s anniversary. So, top 100 works will receive some extra reward, including King Arthur’s soul hero.

By looking at the comments, it’s apparent that players are not very pleased with this. Some of them complain that the game is too unfair towards people who don’t want to spend big money to win, other say that the lifetime of this game is almost over and that developers are trying to draw out the last bits of money from high spending players. They all agree that disparity between free to play and paying players somehow became even worse. Also, most regular players regret that an initially awesome game turned itself into a money grabbing abomination with unfair advantages for big spenders and Chinese players.