King of Hunters New battle Royale MOBA

King of Hunters – New battle royale MOBA

King of Hunters is quite an interesting concept, as this title by NetEase Games brings together several currently very popular gameplay styles, and unites them in a weirdly interesting environment. Namely, this game will surprise you with its choice of weapon era combined with a Battle Royale rule set, packed in a bird’s eye view Action MOBA. It is officially not out yet, but early access is available on Google Play and it is already reaping great reviews.

Wanna get a heart attack?

This adrenaline-packed game will definitely get you raging at your enemies and shouting at your mobile phone from the very beginning. Seriously, unless you are a Zen master, the combat in this game will really get your heart pumping.

The character creation part makes it look like an action RPG or something like that, but you are strongly advised to go through the training introduction to get familiar with the game. Now, things will go smooth enough, but the heart attack part comes later when you join an actual game with other players.

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Such is the nature of the Battle Royale genre, while here players will have even more possibilities of springing a surprise attack on you.


As mentioned, the game is played from a bird’s eye view, and this changes the standard FPS or third person perspective players are used to in other battle Royale games, like Fortnite or Playerunknown Battlegrounds.

This also makes the gameplay appear similar to that in an action MOBA, but also the obvious exception is that unlike MOBAs, King of Hunters doesn’t feature towers, buildings, lanes, and minions, and is played on an open map with only Battle Royale rules as a limitation.

Your first impression will probably sort this game closer to PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds in terms of overall appearance, as it has similar models and textures. It does, however, appear to have much better detailing and ability effects are naturally completely different. The scaling of interface elements is also small and compact, wherein Fortnite everything is sort of cartoonish, larger, round, and colorful.

King of Hunters New Battle Royale MOBA

NetEase seems to have made an effort to make the colors here as realistic as possible.


As with both PUBG and Fortnite, you are also airdropped into the meat grinder but not from a flying bus or an airplane. Here, a Red Dragon flies you across the skies. You jump down at your own convenience, with a Hippogryph finally landing you.

The commands are simply organized as in any other mobile MOBA. You move your character with your left thumb, and use abilities, jump, mount and punch with your right one. Yes, you read that correctly, you can mount on a horse in this game and get about faster.

Moving can also be done on foot naturally, where you can jump over or sneak around the terrain.

Weapons and Combat

It is here where King of Hunters gets really creative, as it features tons of original weapons from the ancient Chinese Era. Stuff like spears, glaives, throwing knives, axes, kamas, and even exploding potions and cocktails with various effects like poison or freeze.

King of Hunters Upcoming Battle Royale

Since the environment is 3D, you can, for instance, hide on higher ground and spring-attack an unsuspecting enemy from your ambush.

The thing that makes this game fast-paced and so exciting is the fact that you die very, very easily. You can equip armors and use healing potions, but basically, two or three solid ability hits will kill any player. This makes this game much more engaging and at the same time prevents it from becoming an ability-spamming fiesta.

Not for the faint of heart!

King of Hunter’s mobile action MOBA will enrage you, cause adrenaline spikes, and even make you paranoid about every corner and bush in the game because enemies will jump out at you from all sides. You die quickly, as this game is so far unforgiving, to say the least. It is still in its early access, so it is not certain if it will stay this way, but so far so good. Check it out on Google Play, and whatever you do – do not smash your mobile to the ground. Trust me, you will have the urge.