Kingdom Rush Vengeance Coming Out Soon

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Coming Out Soon

New sequel in the Kingdom Rush franchise – Kingdom Rush Vengeance is coming to iOS and Android on November 22 this year. It’s great news for all those fans of this tower defense game by Ironhide Game Studio which started out in 2011 as a Flash title.

The franchise won a lot of awards during these seven years, and since the game showed up for Android in 2013, it got two sequels. Kingdom Rush Frontier was released in 2013, and Kingdom Rush Origins in 2014. As you see, it’s been quite a gap between the Origins and the new sequel, so the announcement made a lot of fans happy a few months ago.

Kingdom Rush games take place in the medieval fantasy world where players use various towers, spells, and heroes to stop the enemy creatures. The franchise is popular for its Easter eggs, fun gameplay, and amazing artwork. In Kingdom Rush Vengeance, the player will take the role of Lord Venz’nan’s servant who is on a quest to help him get back his throne. You will be able to choose from demons, goblins, zombies, dark knights and many more to create the best possible army. And all that will be backed up with some fun and attractive art.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

The reason behind a four-year gap between the previous game and Vengeance is because Ironhide released another game last year and needed time for development. Their real-time strategy Iron Marines is something a bit different than what we are used to from this developer but equally interesting to play. However, without a doubt, new Kingdom Rush game will bring back the glory to the franchise especially since tower defense titles are great for mobile devices because they use tap controls.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Coming Soon

Kingdom Rush series had millions of players around the world and is considered one of the best tower defense titles of all time. Right now, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is in pre-order state for both iOS and Android. The game will cost $4.99 once it’s ready to download and install on devices. If you never played this game before, pay attention to some possible bundle edition to catch up with all the games in the franchise. Although this is not yet confirmed by the developer, it sure would be a great move.