kingshunt first impressions

Kingshunt | First Impressions

Kingshunt gameplay video stunned everybody when it first popped up out of nowhere on YouTube in 2018. The game looked incredibly advanced for that time and it rocked everybody’s socks off. Now, two years later, it still looks and feels very progressive and, at long last, its Alpha version is coming to PC this October!


Their motto is “tough and durable game company”…

kingshunt first impressions

As mentioned it took two years from the first gameplay footage to the official launch confirmation, while the development lasted much longer than that. Kingshunt release date is set for spring, 2021, in about half a year from this writing! As mentioned, the game will be releasing on consoles and PC.

The game is developed by Vaki Games, a Finnish game developer founded in 2016 that certainly has put all their effort and chips on this title. Their motto is “tough and durable game company” and this is their first jab at the market, and it certainly looks like one of the most progressive, innovative, seriously-made games in the past year for sure.  

The CEO and founder of Vaki games, Mr. Teemu Jyrkinen, sent this message to all who are waiting for their title:

“When we set out to create Kingshunt, we knew that it would not be easy. Nothing worth doing is ever easy! Hard work and dedication are key ingredients to success. Still, when you surround yourself with passionate people, like so many in our community and those in our studio, you make the journey one worth taking.”


Magic, elements, and steel are the instruments playing in the orchestra of war…

kingshunt first impressions

From the gameplay trailer, released just days ago, we see that Kingshunt takes us in a fantasy world, where magic, elements, and steel are the instruments playing in the orchestra of war. This is incepted as a highly competitive 5v5 online multiplayer experience, where players need to crush the opposition, storm their castle, and take the throne.


It mixes tower defense with RPG, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

kingshunt first impressions

Kingshunt is a unique combination of several genres. It mixes tower defense with RPG, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Since the tower defense aspect inevitably leads to strategy, the gameplay actually puts us in a real-time strategy environment, but from the perspective of a single character on the battlefield.

However, since it also flourishes on 5v5 “Guardian Assault” multiplayer combat mode, the asymmetrical nature of that kind of setting just whips everything into a completely new field. 

And, the players themselves develop a single character, learning skills, and abilities, from a third-person perspective, so it tops everything off with the best of RPG.

In short, Kingshunt will be a game where players need to utilize their characters, buildings, the environment, and virtually every utility they can find to maximize the experience.

The two teams will be pitted against each other, one side representing the Light and the Defenders and the other representing the Undead and the Attackers. The matches themselves happen in two phases, with objectives switching.

At the end of each step, an AI-controlled powerful Guardian will appear to block the attackers to progress to the next stage. Organizing matches into stages like this with the guardian assault in the end phases is the high point of the game and it is unique in gaming currently.

The combat itself is a mix of melee, ranged, strategy, brawl, hero shooter, and many other mechanics, together with AI minions, so it adds a little bit of a MOBA to it, with a completely different perspective of course. During combat, players also earn runes which they use to enhance different things and change their paly style completely.


Dark Souls meets Skyrim, but with a fast-pace multiplayer hero brawl action…

kingshunt first impressions

Kingshunt looks on par with the best multiplayer games today. In fact, it looks like Dark Souls meets Skyrim, but with a fast-pace multiplayer hero brawl action, which is again a step away but keeping the best of everything. Animations, models, and textures are seen so far set a pretty high standard, but we do not know the full system requirements currently.

In closed alpha on PC currently

This game is enabling closed alpha in October for PC users, but no fuss. You can sign up for a chance to play it on the games’ official site. Otherwise, you’re going to have to wait for it like everyone else. Kingshunt release date is set for October 23, 2021.