Knights and Glory Early Access

Knights and Glory is in the Early Access

If you’re a warfare history buff and possess a speculative trait, you’ve might’ve already wondered who would win the hypothetical fight between King Arthur and Hattori Hanzo? Or, perhaps, who’s abler military commander – Joan of Arc or Edward the Black Prince? How about something ever wackier like which famous archer is better with the bow, Robin Hood or Huang Zhong? Obviously, these names belong to different cultures, countries, timelines and some are nothing more than a stuff of myths and legend. Yet in Knights and Glory, and upcoming game by FredBear Games there will be nothing hypothetical about it – you’ll actually be able to get your answers for all those military questions that have been bugging you for years and pit these characters and their iconic troops against each other. Well, what the hell is Knights and Glory then, some kind of alternate history time machine? No, not at all, but for now, it’s the closest thing we have. Knights and Glory is actually an uber cute mix of tactical battle simulation and a card game which will allow you to wage war between different medieval nations and, just for the sake of pure pleasure and aesthetics, you’ll do it in the famous postcard-pretty locations such as Stonehenge, various medieval castles or Taj Mahal.

The concept of uniting troops from different historical and geographical regions to fight against each other isn’t altogether new, but we haven’t yet the pleasure to see it in such a vibrant, cheerful and comical form. The game is actually currently in the phase of open beta, so all of you who are interested to check it out can do so via Google Play Store (for Android version), or via Testflight if you have an iPhone or iPad. If you do so, you certainly won’t regret your decision because Knights and Glory will treat you with a plethora of content, from the story-driven single-player campaign, through training mode that will help you toughen-up for all future combats, to different forms of multiplayer including PvP and co-op.

The gameplay is simple, yet extremely engaging nonetheless. The first step in becoming a renowned general yourself is to build your deck. You’ll start with basic grunts such as Swordsman, Bowman, and Horseman and gradually include more powerful units. The units are divided into several categories: Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, Generals and Advisors – taken together, they represent a fun and altogether incongruous jumble where Knights, Chevaliers, and Templars, rub elbows with the likes of Berserkers, Ninjas, Hashassins and Mongol Horse Archers. Of course, the most interesting units are Generals and Advisors which include some quite illustrious names from history and myth such as King Arthur, Takeda Shingen, Nostradamus, and Leonardo da Vinci. Unlike ordinary units, Generals, not only do they have a stronger attack, but also abilities they can use as buffs for their troops, while Advisors are spellcasters whose potent magic can turn the tide of combat. As expected, all units can be upgraded for cash, which could increase their attack speed, strength, health, and other characteristics depending on their type.

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When it finally comes to a fight, you’ll seemingly won’t have much to do – just choose the type and number of units from your deck that will participate in the upcoming battle and deploy them on the battlefield. Then, the battle will commence and the soldiers will automatically fight each other in a particular order that depends on the unit type. Now, it might seem a bit passive and underwhelming after all the preparations and careful planning, but your choice of troops as well as micromanaging their upgrades is what will eventually decide the outcome of the battle. The key thing is to know that certain types of units are particularly vulnerable to the attack of others. For example, Cavalry units are especially vulnerable to ranged attacks, so you’ll make sure to include some archers when you’re about to fight with them. This fact alone provides much tactical choice for and will be a key thing which will determine the success of your war effort.

Knights and Glory Gameplay

Naturally, the game is still in its beta phase, so some features we mentioned may be susceptible to changes, while others still aren’t activated – in any case, developers are counting on the timely feedback of the gamers involved in the beta testing. However, it’s already evident that Knights and Glory will be quite something, with an interesting single-player campaign, and rich multiplayer component which will allow you to make strong alliances and join different clans so that you can fully benefit from exchange of cards and other resources as well as partake in many special clan-based exclusive events. The visual presentation is also on a par with everything else, with a cartoon-style presentation that’s more than pleasant to look at, which is just another reason to keep an eye for what promises to be a truly great little game.