New heroes in Knights Chronicle

Knights Chronicle – 2.4 Update

Knights Chronicle is still alive! I must say that NetMarbel is doing an outstanding job to keep the player base occupied and interested. At this ratio, NetMarble releases 3 updates in every 2 months which is fantastic. Every second week we are getting new Heroes and from time to time devs surprise us with new game segments. I must say that Netmarble is an example of how a gaming company should nurture its product.

In this update, we got 3 new playable Heroes, Karen got the new awakening skill, new items are added to the Shop and new Advent Dungeon is ahead of us. An ordinary Knights Chronicle update someone would say, but trust I am playing a lot of other gacha games and this game is definitely a game which offers the most to the player.

New Heroes are Eurora, Baskerville and Erandel.

Eurora is an Emperor’s Child of equal standing with Haspiel. She is a new Wind Hybrid Hero who will change the balance in Knights Chronicle. No other Hybrid Hero can match her power and abilities. My advice is to obtain her as soon as possible.

Knights Chronicle Eurora featured

Baskerville is a wolf detective from the Underworld. He is a new Dark Attack Hero who has some qualities but who can not be compared with other Attack Heroes who entered a fray recently. His main virtue is his ability to heal 20% of HP with every attack which can be very helpful in Advent Dungeons.

Knights Chronicle Baskerville featured

Erandel is a Headmistress of Magic Academy in Grand Duchy of Delcart. She is the one who helped Ashley to recruit Mary into Dark Knights. The fact that she is a new Support Hero makes her interesting since we are all aware that there is a lack oh Support Heroes in the game, but truth to be told, her abilities are decent at best. Worst of all, she is a Water-based Hero which means that you will have to choose between her and Deimos who is a better Hero in my opinion.

Knights Chronicle Erandel featured

For detailed information about Eurora, Baskerville, and Erandel click on pictures we provided in this post or visit our Knights Chronicle Heroes page.

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Until we heard another good news from NetMarble, be good, protect Garniel and may the RNG be with you!