Knights Chronicle – Season 2 has begun!


3 days ago, on April 3rd, NetMarble officially released Update 2.0 and started the second Season of Knights Chronicle. One year is passed and during that time NetMarble did everything they could in order to improve the gaming experience and attract new players to the existing community. Some decisions were good and some were bad but the overall impression is that the game has stayed alive and playable. In a matter a fact, Knights Chronicle is definitely one of the 5 best mobile gatcha games at the market currently.

In 2.0 Update, NetMarble used the formula which granted them success many times earlier. We got 2 brand new Heroes, actors of the main campaign story can be awakened now, Heroic Windmill can transform 6 stars SSR Heroes into new SSR Heroes, and we got new Meryl Epic Quest. Those changes are not crucial, but they are big enough that we focus on new things and stay active until the next update.

At the moment you can awaken 2 Heroes – Damian and Ashley – but only if they have 6 stars, level 60 and level 6 Enhancements. For awakening Hero, you will need Awakening Essence which can be bought in the Arena Shop or obtained in 4 star Advent Dungeon (Annihilation). Awakened Heroes practically get a new passive ability which greatly influences their overall strength.

New Heroes are Pierina and Tyrione. Those two girls are mighty Drayan warriors who were put to sleep 100000 years ago and recently awakened by Shadow Guild.

Pierina is a Light Attack Hero who worked at the Department of Immortality. She is known as the inventor of Sealing Gems which can prevent the Reviving of the selected individual. She enjoyed being a member of the royal family but she was very naughty which eventually led to her imprisonment in one of her own Sealing Gems.


Tyrione is a Dark Attack Hero who worked at the Department of Spirit. She is heartless, cunning and brutal. She despites Humans but her job was to recruit talented Humans to be subjects of experiments in the Department of Spirit. Her greatest achievement was when she recognized the potential in Eden and Rowen’s Spirit. After 100000 years in imprisonment, she was awakened by Shadow Guild. Unlike Pierina, she found the Shadow Guild very amusing and joined them immediately.


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Good luck Heroes of Garniel and may Lena grants you everything you desire!