Knights Chronicle Season 2, Update 2.1


NetMarble continued its good tradition to regularly release updates in order to keep Knights Chronicle alive and interesting. However, the new update did not surprise us in any way. We got 2 new Heroes, some Heroes have been enhanced with awakening skills and new items are added to help you enhance your Heroes and improve the success rate of Rune Enhancement. Here is the list of all changes:

  • 2 new Heroes – Tarkus and Nina. Tarkus can be gained through Summons while Nina is available as Advent Dungeon Boss in 5 Stars Apocalypse Difficulty.
  • Esna and Ruby are now Awakened and you can open their awakening skills.
  • Improvements have been added to Skill Enhance of Esna, Serdick, Claude, Emilia, and Grand Duke Heinrich.
  • New Pop Up Window is added to allow you seeing and checking Rune information.

Tarkus is a new Drayan Hero who has equal standing with Haspiel. Like all Drayans he despises humans and feels no remorse when he is dealing with them. He is also cold, arrogant and highly violent. When he is in a bad mood and that is almost always, he starts a fight with anyone near him just to feel better. His contribution to research is the lowest of all Emperor’s Children because he is too lazy to do anything useful. In the fight, he is driven by his anger which enables him to enter a Crazed state of mind and inflict mortal blows while he is in it. On the other hand, when he succeeds in controlling anger he becomes very careful and he is able to anticipate enemy blows and cheat Death.

KC Tarkus Featured

Nina is a young girl from the Grand Duchy of Delcart who ran into troubles with thugs long time ago. Ruby saved her from that situation and since then, Nina is training in a martial-arts dojo of Ruby’s father. In the dojo, Nina is the only one who can spar with Ruby and while the two are best friends they are also great rivals at the same time. Nina’s fighting technique is unique and she relies on her Adrenaline in order to strike multiple times in a short time period. Also, her training taught her how to enter an Adamantine form to protect self and her allies from basic strikes. It may seem that Nina is not equal to Ruby because of her young age but in reality, Nina poses a far greater threat to her enemies than Ruby.

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Until next update, stay tuned and play Knights Chronicle!