Knights Chronicle is a turn-based MMORPG developed by Netmarble and released in June 2018 for Android and iOS devices. The game features an anime-style graphics and is a hero collector, offering to players more than 100 unique heroes to play with. It is a free-to-play title which offers creative fighting styles and in-game animations during attacks that are simply epic.

Knights Chronicle Play

The game follows Leona and her friends who live on planet Garniel. They are on a mission to save their world from destruction by using their unique powers to beat their opponents. You will have an opportunity to play in PvE mode, by following the map which is regularly updated. Additionally, in Knights Chronicle Arena, you will enter the PvP mode where you will fight against the game’s AI. There are also multiple dungeons you can raid to beat bosses and enemies, as well as to win treasures and level up.

In Knights Chronicle can use three summoning systems: Free Summon, Gem Summon and Pal Summon. Free Summon is available every 24 hours and you will receive one hero with 4 or 5 stars. To use Gem Summon, you will need 200 gems but you will summon 11 heroes every time you perform it. Every hero is randomly chosen and has a minimum of 5 stars. However, gems are not the only way to summon heroes with a currency. You will be able to use gold once you upgrade Town Hall to level 7 which will in return unlock the Goddess Falls.  

Pal Summon gives you the heroes who are expendable, meaning that you can sacrifice them to level up or boost other characters. Namely, you can summon Goldmon, XPMon or EvolveMon for 20 Pal points which you will then use to get gold, raise your heroes’ level or for the evolving process, respectively. Pal points have to be earned and you can do this by making real friends under the social menu so you can start sending each other hearts. Another way to earn Pal points is by adding Helper to missions which are actually heroes belonging to other players.

There are guilds you can join and you will have benefits from it. As a guild member, you will earn gold automatically by checking in every day. Also, you will be able to get extra stats for your heroes even though they are of the basic level. But most importantly, every guild member can complete special dungeon quests reserved only for them.

There are many buildings you should pay attention to in the Knights Chronicle. Town Hall is the first building and all others will depend on it, meaning that without it you can’t unlock any other. This is the only function of this building so just upgrade it regularly. Secret Shop sells heroes and runes for gold, but its content will refresh every 12 hours. The Laboratory is an exchange place where you can get essences, runes, and heroes for various currencies. Mine is a building that will give you a certain amount of gold for free on a daily basis, just check if there is a token symbol there since it means that you can collect.

Another way to earn gold is with the Bounty List. Namely, every 8 hours the list will be updated in Knights Chronicle with new monsters you can catch for a certain amount of gold. These are actually enemies you encountered before while on your adventure missions.

The gameplay may sound complicated but it’s actually easy to catch up once you start playing and get into the game. Don’t rush into Knights Chronicle Arena before you upgrade your heroes, if you want to win and look to expand your friend list if you want to earn Pal points and boost your heroes. Other than that, enjoy amazing animations and colorful characters since they really take the game to a whole different level of awesomeness.