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Knights Chronicle is a new gacha game, released by Netmarble on June 14. 2018. The game is a turn-based RPG with all the usual elements of gacha games. We could say that Knights Chronicle is a newer and better-balanced version of Summoner War, but the fact is that some key segments of Knights Chronicle are totally original and new. With over a million downloads in two months and with an average score of 4.5 on the Apple store, Knights Chronicle might just be the most important gacha of this year.

When you start the game, you will be welcomed by Lena, a human creation of the goddess Lady Garniel. She will introduce you to the planet Garniel and present you with the task of bringing balance to the planet. The Haldrea Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Delcart are in a war, monsters roam the countryside, people of the Underworld starve – Garniel needs a Hero and that Hero is you!

After the initial fight, you will see the main screen of the game called the lobby with the beautiful Lena in the center of the screen. In the bottom left corner, you will see a taskbar with the most important functions of the game. In the bottom right corner, you will see the Challenges, Adventure, and PvP buttons. Left from Lena there are buttons regarding new information, missions, and Lena gifts. On the top, you can see the amount of your energy, pal points, your current rank, gold, and crystals.

We will start with the taskbar. On the taskbar you can see several buttons – town, heroes, social, summon, shop and menu. As your story continues Lena will suggest to you that starting to build your own town would be a good idea. You will have to build several buildings and upgrades in order to maximize your town but you don’t need to hurry because town buildings don’t have a major impact on the game.

 Let’s take a look at the Town screen:

As you can see there are 10 buildings with different functions and I will provide you with the most important information for each building. We will start with:


The Heroic Windmill is a building where you can transform existing heroes you don’t need into random heroes of the same grade. At level 1, the building will transform heroes with 4 stars while at level 2 it will transform heroes with 5 stars. Since you can’t transform SSR Heroes, but only SR and R Heroes, this building is useless in my opinion (SSR, SR, and R is the quality value of Heroes). Anyway, if you want to transform a hero you will need a certain amount of essence to do that. For transforming an R Hero, you will need 25 of each essence excluding rainbow and advent essence and for transforming an SR Hero you will need much more – 75 rainbows, 100 advent and 3 times 100 random essences depending on the HERO. Totally pointless if you ask me.


This building allows you to access Guild functions. On the Guild screen, you can see information about your guild, guild missions and guild combat. When you find a guild, which is not difficult, you will need to check in every day and donate a certain sum of gold which is determined by guild rules. Be sure to finish all combats in the Guild Dungeon (3 per day) because you will be awarded insignias, which are needed for enhancing your heroes and guild coins needed for the laboratory. On the Guild Screen, you can also see the list of Guild members and the list of guild missions you should finish. Guild missions award you with guild mission points (needed for guild mission awards) and z small amount of essence. On the Guild combat screen, you can also participate in Guild Battles, when they are available, and you will be awarded guild tokens which can be used in the guild shop for acquiring Heroes and Runes. Keep in mind that the Guild screen is also accessible through the Social button on the taskbar.


Town Hall is the main building in your town and its sole purpose is to be upgraded, which in turn allows you to upgrade your other buildings. Level 7 is the Max level of your Town Hall and after you reach it and upgrade other buildings this building is literally useless.


The sole purpose of the Goddess Falls is to summon a random Hero from the Goddess Falls list for 300000 gold. You can summon 5 heroes per day with 4 or 5 stars depending on the building level. Heroes you can summon are R quality so basically you will use this building only when you lack evolve material (evolving Heroes is the core segment of the game – we will talk about that later).


Chance Roulette is the building where you can roll a wheel using your pall points in order to win certain prizes. The list of prizes varies and you can win Heroes, essence or runes. You can spin the roulette twice a day and the price is 100 pall points per spin. (pall points are acquired by helping your friends on the social list)


Bounty List is a list of 5 possible combats you can beat for gold compensation. You will fight monsters from a region you already finished in your PVE campaign and you will be awarded gold for each win plus a bonus for clearing all 5 bounties. Keep in mind that you need to clear the bounty list for your daily and week mission awards (1 bounty per day, 20 per week).


Every 3 hours the Mine provides you with a certain amount of gold depending on the Mine level. There are 10 levels of Mine upgrades and you need to upgrade your Town Hall in order to upgrade the Mine further. When you upgrade your mine to max level (10) you will gain 151200 gold every third hour. In order to collect gold from the Mine, you will need to interact with the Mine which means that you’ll need to log in every third hour if you want to take all gold produced.


The Secret Shop is a place where you can purchase Heroes, XPmons, Essences, Insignias, Enhance Stones or Runes for gold. Every 12 hours you can make 6 possible purchases from the Secret Shop list. Heroes you can buy are R quality with 4 stars and they cost 300000 gold. You can also buy 30 random basic essences for 25000 gold which is a very good price and 6-star Rune for 300000 gold. If you don’t like the options available, you can refresh the purchase list for 50000 gold. Be sure to check the Secret Shop daily in order to buy essences and insignias whenever you can.


The Laboratory is the most important building in your town. In the Laboratory you can exchange Heroes, Essences and Guild Coins or trade Enhancemon. In the Heroes Exchange tab, you can exchange hero spirits gathered from Multiplayer Dungeons for Advent Heroes needed for enhancing heroes from your roster. In the Essence Exchange tab, you can acquire the much-needed rainbow and advent essences by transforming other basic essences. The only way to get enough Rainbow Essences is through the Laboratory, so don’t be shy. The Guild Coin Exchange tab enables you to trade guild coins gathered in Guild dungeons for certain SSR Hero or rare runes. The Trade Enhancemon tab provides you with an opportunity to exchange advent fragments gathered in Advent Dungeons and Advent Essences for Enhancemon who can be used as other Advent Heroes. Of all the Town buildings, the Laboratory is the building you will visit the most.


Pal Lotto is another building which provides you with a chance to win certain prizes by spending Pal Points. You can spin the 30-numbered wheel and after you get a number you will be awarded a prize from Pal Lotto prize list. There are 6 different tiers of prizes and if you feel lucky or you are loaded with pall points you can try to win it all. Good Luck!

This is all you should know about the Town, Town Buildings and their functions. The next step in our guide is the HERO button on the taskbar. Everything you should know about the Heroes and their functions in Knights Chronicle you will find in Knights Chronicle Beginners Guide, Tips, Tricks and everything else PART 2.

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