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Journey through the Knights Chronicle brought us to the most important button in the game – Heroes button. I will now explain everything you should know about the Heroes in Knights Chronicle and functions available in the HERO tab.

Let see the HERO screen:

As you can see there are 4 tabs on the HERO screen. On the picture, you can see the Hero tab, which is opened, but there are also the Runes tab, Badge tab and Item List (grey icons on the right side of Hero icon). Before I start explaining each function in the Hero tab I will provide you with some basic information about Heroes and monsters overall.

There are 3 types of Heroes in the game – SSR Heroes (Super Super Rare) which are most valuable and the hardest to get, SR Heroes (Super Rare) who are good but not as good as the SSR Heroes, and R Heroes (Rare) who are ordinary and without any special skills. Naturally, as you play the game you will strive towards SSR Heroes but keep in mind that some SR and R Heroes can do the job just fine. Except for heroes, there are also XPmons, Evolvemons, Goldmons, and other random monsters. XPmons are used for leveling your heroes, Evolvemons are used for evolving your heroes and Goldmons are used for selling. Monsters are almost useless but you can use them for leveling or you can sell them for a small amount of gold.

Now I will explain each function of the HERO tab:


Here you can form up to 5 different teams in your roster along with your Arena team. The teams you make here will be available to you for different segments of Knights Chronicle – campaign missions, growth dungeons, and advent dungeons. You don’t have to do this since you can choose your team each time before combat but it might be easier if you have your teams already prepared. Keep in mind that the leader of team 1 will be represented as the key character of your account and that Hero will act as a helper for other players (every time someone chooses your hero as a helper you will be awarded 5 pall points)


On this screen, you can level up your heroes. Every hero has a grade – 4 stars, 5 stars or 6 stars. Heroes with 4 stars can be leveled to level 30, Heroes with 5 stars to level 40 and heroes with 6 stars to level 50. Be sure to level up every new Hero to max level since you get crystals for maximizing the level of your heroes. If you already maximized your Hero he/she will have a blue medal with the star in the right top of their picture. For leveling, you can use XPmons or other heroes but I don’t advise that you use other heroes for leveling unless they have 3 or fewer stars. When Heroes reach level 50 they can be leveled further to level 60 but you will need to use Limit Break in order to do that.


Here you can evolve your heroes. Evolving is transforming your hero from a 4 star Hero to a 5 star Hero, and from a 5 star Hero to a 6 star Hero. This is very important because throughout the game you will get mainly 4-star Heroes who will need to be transformed in 6-star ones in order to be used as Limit Break material, Enhancing material or to be the part of your roster. The Evolving prices are not cheap and you will have to calculate your priorities carefully. In order to evolve s Hero with 4 stars into s Hero with 5 stars, you will need 4 Heroes with 4 stars to be used as evolving material while evolving a Hero with 5 stars into a Hero with 6 stars requires 5 Heroes with 5 stars. For evolving you can also use Evolvemons with an appropriate number of stars.


When a Hero reaches level 60 he can further be upgraded by enhancing. Every enhance provides you with a purple star and s Hero can have a maximum of 6 purple stars. Every purple star brings additional bonuses for your hero but the price of enhancing is high and you will need Advent Heroes and appropriate insignias. Advent Heroes can be gained through the Laboratory or Advent Dungeons and acquiring them is end game content of Knights Chronicle. Here the list of prices:

  • 1 star – 1 R Advent Hero + 80 insignias
  • 2 star – 2 R Advent Heroes + 160 insignias
  • 3 star – 2 SR advent Heroes + 240 insignias
  • 4 star – 3 SR Advent Heroes + 320 insignias
  • 5 star – 3 SSR Advent Heroes + 400 insignias
  • 6 star – 4 SSR Advent Heroes + 480 insignias


After you level up your hero to level 50 he can be further leveled through the limit break. Every Limit Break gives you 2 levels and you will need 5 Limit Breaks in order that your Hero reaches level 60. For a Limit Break you will need a certain number of 6-star Heroes or Evolovemons:

  • Lvl 52 – One 6 stars Hero or Evolvemon
  • Lvl 54 – One 6 stars Hero or Evolvemon
  • Lvl 56 – Two 6 star Heros or Evolvemons
  • Lvl 58 – Two 6 star Heros or Evolvemons
  • Lvl 60 – Three 6 star Heros or Evolvemons


Every time your Hero reach level 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 or 60 he/she will gain a new talent. Talents improve capabilities of your hero in many ways. Each talent cost essences and each talent can have one, two or three stars. You can reroll your talent until you get three stars but every reroll will cost you the same amount of essences needed for acquiring that talent. My advice is to be careful with essences and to save them whenever you can. The Level 60 talent is the most important ability of every Hero and its price is very high so be sure not to spend Rainbow and Advent essences for nothing. For the level 50 talent, you don’t need rainbow essences so be free to reroll until you get a 3-star talent but don’t spend rainbow essences on other talents unless you have more than enough essences.


Each Hero has 3 skills and each skill has 6 levels. Every Hero starts with all 3 skills on level 1 and in order to enhance the skills to the higher level he/she will need another Hero that is exactly the same. For example, if you have Morrigan and you want to improve her first skill to level 2 you will need another Morrigan to do that. The number of stars the Hero has determines the chance of success. If you use a 4 star Hero for skill enhancing, the chance of success will be only 25%, 5 star Hero provides you with 50% chance of success and with a 6 star Hero, success is guaranteed. Don’t be discouraged knowing that you will need 18 Morrigan with 6 stars in order to maximize the skill level of Morrigan in your roster – one step at a time and you will eventually reach your goal!


After the 1.3.1 update, Netmarble introduced costumes for Heroes. Every week certain Heroes can be dressed for gold (Heroes on Sale), real-life currency (Hot Heroes) or crystals (all other available Heroes). Costumes increase ATK, DEF, and HP of each Hero while costumes that can be bought for real life currency also improve skills and passive abilities.


On this screen you can sell heroes and monsters you don’t need. I strongly suggest that you sell only Goldmons and characters who have less than 4 stars.


The Hero Box is your whole roster along with all Heroes, XPmons, Evolvemons, Goldmons, and monsters. Here you can see the full details of every Hero you possess and you can compare their statistics. Initially, the Hero Box can contain up to 100 Heroes or monsters but you can expand it with crystals – 1 crystal equals 1 free space.

That is all you should know about the heroes. Information about skills and abilities of each Hero from Knights Chronicle can be found in the KH HEROES section of the BlueMoonGame site.

The Rune icon on the right side of the Hero tab represents a Rune tab. In the Rune tab, you can equip your Heroes with runes, enhance runes and salvage runes.

Equipping Heroes with Runes is very important because Runes enhance core statistics of your Heroes and can provide you with certain bonuses. There are 6 Rune slots – 2 slots per each STAT (ATK, DEF, HP) – on every Hero. Like Heroes, Runes also have different grades and their grades vary from 1-star Runes to 6-star Runes. At the end, your heroes will be equipped only with 6-star runes so I strongly suggest that you salvage all Runes except 6-star runes. Salvaging runes provides you with Enhance Stones which are needed for enhancing Runes. Every Rune can be enhanced several times and every enhance boosts up statistics and bonuses of the enhanced Rune.

Here is the list of all the basic runes in Knights Chronicle and their bonuses:

  • Rune of Speed – 20% Multistrike chance increased if you have 4 Rune of Speed equipped
  • Rune of Destruction – 40% Critical damage increased if you have 4 Rune of Destruction equipped
  • Rune of Rage – 20% ATK increased if you have 4 Rune of Rage equipped
  • Rune of Revenge – 10% Counterattack chance increased if you have 2 Rune of Revenge
  • Rune of Agility – 5% Attack Speed increased if you have 4 Rune of Agility equipped
  • Rune of Life – 10% HP increased if you have 2 Rune of Life equipped
  • Rune of Assault – 5% Critical Strike chance increased if you have 2 Rune of Assault equipped
  • Rune of Protection – 10% DEF increased if you have 2 Rune of Protection equipped

Keep in mind that there are other rare runes in game, obtainable through the Laboratory and in certain game events, which boost up secondary statistics like EVA or provides you with abilities like Looming Death. It is very difficult to acquire those runes with the highest grade so I strongly advise you rely on basic Runes until you collect a whole set of rare runes. At the start, your Rune Box contains space for 50 Runes but you will have to expand your Rune Box since 50 spots are not enough. You can expand your Rune Box for crystals – 1 crystal equal 1 Rune spot.

There are two more tabs on the Hero Screen – Badges tab and Item List tab. On the Badges tab, you can arrange Badges which are needed for improving your costumes and on the Item List you can see the whole list of Items you possess.

This concludes our journey through the functions and tabs on the Hero Screen. Next time we will talk about the Social button, Summon Button, Challenges, and PvP. Everything you need to know about that you can find in the Knights Chronicle Beginners Guide, Tips, Tricks and everything else PART 3

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