Outstanding Intelligence Eurora

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Oustanding Intelligence Eurora


Eurora is a female Drayan of equal standing with Haspiel. Unlike her siblings, she is gentle and curious. Her desire to learn and understand new concepts is greater than those of her Drayan peers – she can, for example, deduce and rationalize the emotions of others, but even she was never able to understand her father Antalus’s desire for a Spirit. To Eurora , having a Spirit – and therefore emotions – seemed like an inconvenient stumbling block on the path to knowledge. That said, she was quite fond of Humans’ mental flexibility in devising new ideas, solutions, and inventions.

The Nubian Tribe and their prophetic abilities were of particular interest to Eurora. 100000 years ago, she conducted research on the mechanisms required for foresight and learned that it was most effective when foreteller was emotionally absent, further cementing her belief that having a Spirit would be no benefit. The experiment that Edan and Rowan were later subject to was based on Eurora’s research.

Despite her personal opinions on the matter, Eurora was head of the Department of Spirit and tasked with transfixing Antalus with a Spirit of his own. The department itself was controversial and faced heavy opposition when it was constructed at the time of the empire’s founding.

Eurora was the only Drayan who did not resist Rayden’s actions – she was curious to learn how being trapped in a Sealing Gem would feel.


Eurora is a Wind Hybrid Hero whose leader skill increases damage done to enemies with Damage Over Time by 70%. Her passive ability grants her Researcher effect for 2 turns ( Researcher decreases all enemies’ Counterattack Chance and EVA by 50%) and 50% chance to decrease her cooldowns by 1 turn when attacking an enemy affected by Damage Over Time. On level 60, she becomes immune to Weaken and she is granted a 80% chance to remove up to 2 buffs from all enemies and 80% chance to decrease incoming damage by 50% when defending. Her first skill inflicts 100% of ATK to the single target and has 50% chance to apply Poison equal to 300% of ATK for 1 turn. Her second skill strikes primary and adjacent targets for 120% of ATK and has 30% chance to Stun each target for 2 turns. Eurora’s ultimate delivers damage equal to 240% of ATK to all enemies and has a 40% chance to apply Poison worth 300% of ATK for 2 turns on each enemy. Additionally, Eurora is granted Researcher status for 2 turns. Like all Drayan Heroes, Eurora is overpowered compared to other Heroes. Her ultimate can devastate the entire enemy team and her basic ability has 50% chance to inflict damage which is higher than most Heroes’ ultimates. Obtaining her should be your first priority.


Leader Skill

Insatiable Curiosity

Eurora Leader Skill

Insatiable Curiosity

Passive Skills


Eurora Passive Skill 1


Research Basics

Eurora Passive Skill 2

Research Basics

Active Skills

Light of Research

Eurora Active Skill 1

Light of Research

Power of the Earth

Eurora Active Skill 2

Power of the Earth

Eternal Rage

Eurora Active Skill 3

Eternal Rage

Statistics are:


Level 60







Attack Speed


Critical Strike


Critical Damage








Auto HP Recovery




Star Enhancement are:

1 ★

2 ★

3 ★

4 ★

5 ★

6 ★

+10% ATK
+10% Attack Speed

+10% DEF
+10% ACC

+10% Max HP
+10% Damage Increase Dealt to Attack-Type

+20% DEF
+10% Damage Increase for Skill #1

+20% Max HP
+10% Damage Increase Dealt to Support-Type

+20% ATK
+20% Crit. DMG Increase


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