Magic Academy Headmistress Erandel

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Magic Academy Headmistress Erandel

Erandel is the headmistress of the Magic Academy in the Grand Duchy of Delcart. Many people have wondered how she come to be the headmistress because she speaks slowly and has a vacant, sleepy look about her, but her incredible memory and ability to accurately discern students’ strengths and weaknesses makes her the ideal individual to run the academy. Rumor has it that she remembers everything there is to know about every student in the academy!

In fact, Erandel was something of a prodigy herself – when she was young, she was physically weak but magically talented. She uses her powers to fly astride a magical harp engraved with magical sigils.

When Ashley was looking for recruits to join the dark Knights, Erandel introduced him to Mary and gave her a ringing endorsement. (Erandel is also the only person Mary confides in.) Though Erandel can seem uncomfortable in large groups because of how slowly she speaks, she is generally fond of others and enjoys having a close-knit group of friends.


Erandel is a Water Support Hero whose leader skill decreases damage taken of all Support-type allies. Her passive ability grants her reviving with 50% HP upon taking fatal damage if she has a Magical Harp. Upon reviving skill cooldowns of all allies are decreased by 2 turns and Magical Harp is consumed. On level 60, she is granted Magical Harp at the start of combat and she can exchange HP with the lowest HP ally if she owns Magical Harp. Her first skill inflicts 60% of ATK to the primary and adjacent targets. Her second skill grants her Magical Harp and restores 20% HP to Erandel and adjacent allies. Erandel’s ultimate increases Damage Done of allies by 5% for 1 turn and has a 30% chance to apply Weapon Corrosion on each enemy. If she is in a possession of Magical Harp, it can be consumed to Revive 1 ally and restore their HP by 5%. Lack of usable Support Heroes makes Erandel interesting but truth to be told she is not as good as Deimos who is also a Water Support. Her leader skill is something that bothers me the most because with current Heroes composition in Knights Chronicle no one will ever use more than one Support character in a team and that one character will probably not be Erandel.

Leader Skill

Song of Protection

Erandel Leader Skill

Song of Protection

Passive Skills

Cyclic Recital

Erandel Passive Skill 1

Cyclic Recital

Magical Harp

Erandel Passive Skill 2

Magical Harp

Active Skills

Frost Wave

Erandel Active Skill 1

Frost Wave

Frostwind Song

Erandel Active Skill 2

Frostwind Song

Permafrost Epic

Erandel Active Skill 3

Permafrost Epic

Statistics are:


Level 60







Attack Speed


Critical Strike


Critical Damage








Auto HP Recovery




Star Enhancement are:

1 ★

2 ★

3 ★

4 ★

5 ★

6 ★

+10% ATK
+10% Attack Speed

+10% DEF
+10% Damage Increase for Skill #1

+10% Max HP
+5% Chance to gain Abnormal Status Immunity

+20% DEF
+10% HP Recovery Amount

+20% Max HP
+5% Chance to gain Abnormal Status Immunity

+20% ATK
+10% Multistrike Chance


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