Queen Bee Maya

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Queen Bee Maya

Maya is the queen of non-Human Poliste tribe that lives in the Haldrea Kingdom. She is very hostile towards Humans since they have previously attacked her tribe and treated them as monsters – and that goes double nowadays because Faust marched his army into her territory and used her tribe for brainwashing experiment. Faust is dead, of course, but no one’s told Maya that yet…

She has luxurious tastes, and though she’s particularly fond of sweet things, she refuses to try even one bite of anything that isn’t pure honey or fresh meat (the Poliste tribe is omnivorous). Though she might look young and adorable by Human standards, her manners are elegant and refined – exactly how a queen should be.


Maya is a Wind Attack Hero whose leadership ability increases Critical Strike Damage of all Wind or Fire allies by 30%. Her passive ability grants 3 Royal Jelly at the start of the battle. If Maya has an Abnormal Status at the start of the turn 1 Royal Jelly is consumed and all Abnormal Statuses are cleared from her. If Maya dies, 1 Royal Jelly is consumed to revive her with 80% HP. Above all that, if Maya has Queen Bee buff on herself, her passive ignores all target’s Damage Decrease effects. On level 60, Queen Bee is applied on her for 2 turns at the start of combat and while she has that buff her damage is increased by 80%. Her first skill inflicts 100% of ATK to the single target and has 60% chance to apply Poison for 1 turn which does 30% of ATK per turn. Additionally, if the target is water-based, Maya inflicts more damage equal to 80% of her ATK that ignores DEF. Her second skill strike all enemies for 80% of her ATK, has 50% chance to charm each target and grants Queen Bee status to Maya for 2 turns. Maya’s ultimate assassinates the primary target for 300% of her ATK and has a 55% chance to infuse that target with Disable Resolve. Maya is a very nasty bee whose sting is quite deadly. If properly used and fully upgraded her damage is increased by 80% for the first 4 turns of combat and that means that she has probably the highest actual damage output in the game currently. It is still unclear if she is able to be revived more than once per combat depending on the number of Royal Jellies she has, but if she is able than she is certainly one of the best Heroes in Knights Chronicle.


Leader Skill

Sharp Stinger

Maya Leader Skill

Sharp Stinger

Passive Skills

Queen Bee

Maya Passive Skill 1

Queen Bee

Queen Bee’s Authority

Maya Passive Skill 2

Queen Bee Authority

Active Skills

Bee’s Assault

Maya Active Skill 1

Bee's Assault

Pheromone Blast

Maya Active Skill 2

Pheromone Blast

Corps’ Rage

Maya Active Skill 3

Corps' Rage

Statistics are:


Level 60







Attack Speed


Critical Strike


Critical Damage








Auto HP Recovery




Star Enhancement are:

1 ★

2 ★

3 ★

4 ★

5 ★

6 ★

+10% ATK
+10% Attack Speed

+10% DEF
+10% ACC

+10% Max HP
+10% Damage Increase Dealt to Defense-Type

+20% DEF
+10% Damage Increase for Skill #1

+20% Max HP
+10% Damage Increase Dealt to Support-Type

+20% ATK
+20% Crit. DMG Increase


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