Underworld Detective Baskerville

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Underworld Detective Baskerville

Baskerville is a wolf detective from the Underworld. With his keen sense of smell, he is an expert at finding missing persons and tracking down suspects. His line of work means he often encounters violent people or monsters, but his extraordinary physique allows him to win most any fight with ease. Most of his clients are initially frightened by his appearance, but he has an air about him that puts them at ease after just a few conversations. Compared to many in the Underworld, he’s downright kind and considerate! He is quick to involve himself in any situation where he thinks his help is needed. Recently, Scarlett, who also lives in the Underworld, has been going berserk every time she sees Baskerville due to her “wolf trauma”. O’Hara intervenes, but usually not before poor Baskerville is out cold. The incidents have piqued his interest, and he is now investigating the supposed ”wolf massacre” that took place in the Grand Duchy.


Baskerville is a Dark Attack Hero whose leader skill increases Dark allies’ EVA by 25%. His passive ability grants him Wild Instinct upon receiving Abnormal Status at the start of combat. Wild Instinct enables Baskerville that all his attacks ignore DEF and increases his EVA by 50%. On level 60, at the start of each turn 1 Abnormal Status is removed and there is 80% chance that he removes Protection buffs from all enemies. Additionally, Baskerville’s HP is restored by 20% whenever he strikes an opponent. His first skill inflicts 60% of ATK to the primary and adjacent targets and has 40% chance to remove 1 buff. First Skill’s damage done is increased by 5% of Baskerville’s Max HP. His second skill penetrates the single target for 200% of ATK and has a 70% chance to remove all buffs from that target. When the second skill is activated Baskerville is granted Wild Instinct status. Baskerville’s ultimate penetrates the single target for 300% of ATK and increase target’s skill cooldowns by 1 turn. If Baskerville is under the effect of Wild Instinct, an additional 30% of damage is granted upon using ultimate and Wild Instinct is consumed. Baskerville is a decent Attack Hero who can be used with success for many things. However, compared to the current Meta Attack Heroes, Baskerville is nothing out of the ordinary.

Leader Skill

Backstreet Detective

Baskerville Leader Skill

Backstreet Detective

Passive Skills

Wild Instinct

Baskerville Passive Skill 1

Wild Instinct

Impromptu Inspection

Baskerville Passive Skill 2

Impromptu Inspection

Active Skills

The Game Is Afoot

Baskerville Active Skill 1

The Game is Afoot


Baskerville Active Skill 2


You’re Under Arrest!

Baskerville Active Skill 3You're Under Arrest! 

Statistics are:


Level 60







Attack Speed


Critical Strike


Critical Damage








Auto HP Recovery




Star Enhancement are:

1 ★

2 ★

3 ★

4 ★

5 ★

6 ★

+10% ATK
+10% Attack Speed

+10% DEF
+10% ACC

+10% Max HP
+10% Damage Increase Dealt to Defense-Type

+20% DEF
+10% Damage Increase for Skill #1

+20% Max HP
+10% Damage Increase Dealt to Support-Type

+20% ATK
+20% Crit. DMG Increase


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