Knights of Tartarus

Knights of Tartarus coming to mobile

Crescent Moon Games brings Knights of Tartarus 8-Bit Adventure to iOS. The throwback is real as Knights of Tartarus is now at its Early Access. It is an old school top-down RPG adventure game which was released for Steam earlier this year, with an overly positive reception. The old school vibe is still loved by older and younger audiences alike as this jewel now comes to iOS.

The game features a familiar screen-by-screen gameplay system but it is set in an open world, which was pioneered back in the ‘90s by the Legend of Zelda and a few others. These games were definitely ahead of their time as they helped pave the way to what the genre is today. It also features a turn-based combat system that is done in a first-person view.

Lastly, Knights of Tartarus has an intricate crafting in-game feature, which ties up the progressive ensemble that is paired with a vintage 8-bit style. As the story goes, the player controls a knight who goes in the underworld to fight off an order of knights that threatens the existence of the world. In order to do this, the protagonist must learn spells from monsters, seize their crafting materials, and do whatever is necessary for the greater good.

Knights of Tartarus Steam version got 7/10 scores and Mostly Positive reviews as its basic version costs around $12 on Steam. The price for Knights of Tartarus iOS on the iTunes App Store will be known in a few days probably.