Langrisser – Tips and Tricks


Langrisser is an old-school tactical RPG series, initially created by Masata games, but was later nurtured by Career Soft, and is now under Gamania’s wing. In short, it has been here since the early ‘90s and has spread on all platforms during these 3 past decades, finally coming to mobile recently. New platforms mean new mechanics and since there are not two words about the game’s freshly carved set of enjoying challenges presented to the players, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that emerged so far.

Langrisser Classes (Guide)

As it is common in similar tactical hero collectors, Langrisser mobile features the rock, paper, scissors advantage system, but not as simple as you might be accustomed to. Here we have infantry, cavalry, lancers, archers, holy, and demon. Deciding who to send in which battle will make or break you and your army. The classes do feature advantages or weaknesses to certain other classes, for instance:

  • Infantry > Lancer > Cavalry
  • Archer > Flyer
  • Holy > Demon
  • No priority: Aquatic, Mage, Assassin

This expanded system definitely gives this game a strategic flavor, almost like chess does, while it also makes it indefinitely more interesting. This game makes you think, rethink, and plan up to 10 moves ahead, and you should do so if you want to get the most pleasure out of it.

Langrisser Tips and Tricks UnitsLangrisser Side Quests – Mucho Importante!

Langrisser features a well-developed storyline and offers an immersive experience for sure, but if you only take your heroes through it you will be far from unlocking their full potential. Like in any other hero collector, the late/meta game is all about finding the strongest heroes for your particular composition and leveling them up. For this you should utilize side quests to the best of your ability.

No matter how mundane or unimportant they may be, doing a couple of these in-between the story missions will provide a large chunk of experience, resources, and everything else you need to advance. Not to mention it will definitely provide fun, especially the survival missions.

Langrisser Tips and Tricks QuestsLangrisser Roles

This goes without saying, but just to be sure, you should know the basics of role-playing tactics and unit positioning when playing this game. If you are someone who is just picking up mobile games and you are relatively new to the experience, the units all need to operate within their predetermined optimal position, as in any strategy.

For example, you don’t put your healer in front where he will be shredded to pieces much to your enemy’s delight. Or, never put your melee units to the back of your formation, where they will be ineffective.

Langrisser Terrain and Unit Placement

Crossing mountains allows you to gain the element of surprise and flank enemy forces, like in some real-life historic battles. However, in this game, most of the classes and units will move much slower when crossing mountains and those are the ones who actually walk on the ground. Flyers are not affected by terrain movement penalties and are therefore ideal to use for these surprise attacks because of their mobility.

Wooded areas slow down cavalry, but your infantry will have a field day. Forests also yield a defense buff for the defending army. Archers are best placed behind some walking obstacle, like a river or a wall, and so on.

Langrisser Tips and Tricks TacticsHow to Level Up in Langrisser?

To level up, you:

  • Click on your hero
  • Tap details
  • Class
  • Advance

Everything in this game can be leveled up, from weapons and skills to units and heroes, but apparently, it is not as easy as other games made it. In most games, the leveling is done automatically for you, while in Langrisser you get to have the fun of first paying for it. So, you do not only need experience, but gold and sometimes other items as well to perform the leveling up and evolve your army.

Smart use of your resources is vital because they are limited and should not be wasted on a character you won’t have much use from. You really need to understand the game, your heroes, and plan ahead here.

Heroes can go up to one level higher than the level of your account and for that reason, your leveling priority should always be your account. At least until you go well into the endgame. Experience and resources come in affluence from daily missions, side quests, and random events but again, use them carefully. Always attempt a random event, if your army is strong enough. After you finish up the story mode, go to the time rift mode, which gives you the chance to play any level in the came and after you master that go and try the online mode.

Langrisser Tips and Tricks Level UpLangrisser Stamina and Resources

Stamina is primarily used for doing story missions and just enjoying the game, but if you have excess stamina you can try and do something useful with it, like farming the time rift.
Shards are used to add stars to your heroes, which will increase their stats, make their abilities stronger, and increase their rarity level too.

Langrisser Tips and Tricks StaminaLangrisser SSR, SR, and R Heroes

The SSR, SR, and R represent the rarity levels of your heroes. Doing campaign chapters unlocks some heroes, but you do not get them all that way. Some of them you must unlock with your resources, and for that you primarily need shards.

Summoning menu offers:

  • Event
  • Normal Hero Summon
  • Equipment Summon
  • Friendship summon

Getting the SSR hero is very difficult and you only have 2% chance for that. The story mode awards trinity vouchers you can also use to try and test your luck.

To check all Langrisser heroes, you:

  • Tap the Summon Menu (bottom left)
  • Tap gallery
  • Tap heroes