Last Hero Standing event Heroic Magic duel

Last Hero Standing Event

Welcome to our overview of Heroic Magic Duel Last Hero Standing event! Here, we’ll talk about everything that this event has to offer and we’ll also include a few general tips considering the optimal deck composition for this event.

What the Last Hero Standing Event brings us?

Well, most importantly, it introduces new Mythic minion Lord Sumrak. This minion can be gained by reaching 900 Skull Tokens, but there’s also a small chance to get it from one of the Mythic Chests, that are available at reaching certain milestones (at 45, 135, 270 and 495 Skull tokens). Besides that, there are two simple chests (10 and 90 skull tokens), two artisan chests (190 and 370 skull tokens) and one deluxe chest (695 tokens) just waiting for you to grab them.
The Last Hero Standing event is played again against 7 other players, but these battles are a bit different than your everyday ordinary battles. First of all, the health of player’s portals is significantly increased and every match has a time limit (1 min and 30 sec, except for the final match that lasts for 10 minutes). Every match in Last Hero Standing event is significantly shorter, that’s why it’s a good idea to focus on cheaper Mana cards (up to the cost of 6 Mana) and discard the big cards – there just isn’t enough time to make use of Abomination and similar cards. Since the goal is to be the last man standing, it might seem like a good idea to just play defensively, but there’s another interesting mechanic that this event brings and it discourages this style of play. The mechanic that I’m talking about is the Damage Bonus.

Lord Sumrak Heroic Magic Duel

Damage Bonus

Although it is called a damage bonus, this bonus is actually applied to both minion health and damage. This powerful buff to your minions can only be earned by dealing damage to the enemy portal, that’s why it isn’t a good idea to just play defense, and just trying to survive each round. Let me put it this way, if you focus on defense you’ll probably survive the first match, but you won’t deal any significant damage to an enemy portal, and in next round, you’ll probably face an opponent that has earned health and damage buff. Even if you survive the second match, the situation will only get worse in the following matches where you’re likely to face opponents with 20-30% stronger minions. The moral of the story is that playing aggressively in this game mod can be very beneficial.
Now let’s take a look at the damage and health bonus, and how much portal damage is required to obtain it.
Level 1 -> 2: +10% (40, 000 damage)
Level 2 -> 3: +20% (40, 000 damage – 80, 000 total)
Level 3 -> 4: +30% (50, 000 damage – 130, 000 total)
Level 4 -> 5: +40% (80, 000 damage – 210, 000 total)

Changing Deck Composition

Before every match, you can switch your deck and change cards, Heroes and their spells. I really like this feature, because you can quickly change your build if you think that something else will work better against a specific Hero.
Considering the limit match time in Last Hero Standing, it seems that rush decks including Rolling Rocks, Ravenous Scourge and other mob cards in combination with Bloodstalker and Soul Leech are the way to go.


I really like the change of pace that this event brings and, for me, it is way more interesting to fight against other players for rewards. Another thing that is very nice about this event is the ability to participate as much as you want (no special items/torches needed) and it’s actually possible to earn the final reward, Lord Sumrak if you play well and long enough.

I hope you enjoyed our overview of Heroic Magic Duel Last Hero Standing Event. Feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.