League of Legends Coming to Mobile

League of Legends coming to mobile?

Riot Games just unveiled their next big project and its League of Legends Mobile. LoL competitions and the online community were growing steadily in the past decade, but all changed when the genre transitioned to mobile phones. Among the most notable successes is the enormous popularity of Arena of Valor or King of Glory/Honor of Kings as it was called when it came out in China, and this is why Riot Games and Tencent joined forces in the first place

Tencent bought Riot Games back in 2011 and, in other words, two of the most successful developers in the MOBA genre pulled their resources together and the results were astounding. As mentioned, Riot’s League of Legends enjoyed enormous critical and commercial success, and they offer several national level competitions per year with an incredibly high reward pool.

However, everyone’s jaws dropped when Arena of Valor amassed over 200 million users only in China, before going abroad. Later on, when they changed the name from King of Glory/Honor of Kings to AoV and went global, the figures became incalculable.

LoL is the most popular MOBA desktop game in the world, according to many online sources. Also, AoV is the most popular mobile MOBA in the world. So, the relationship between the two companies bared fruit to both, as Arena of Valor became the highest grossing online game on mobile devices.

Now, Tencent Holdings Ltd and RIOT have officially announced that League of Legends is being adapted for Mobile. LoL mobile release date is still only speculated at this point, but it will most likely not be in 2019.