Leap Level

Leap Level is out now on Android and iOS

If you’re a fan of casual games you can play anytime, anywhere, then you’re in for some good news. Leap Level got released for Android and iOS recently, and it’s a mix of platforming and endless runner genres. The game was developed by Level Two Beards, an indie game developing company, based in London, UK. While Leap Level is their breakthrough project, they definitely plan to release more games, so we’re looking forward to seeing those.

As for Leap Level, it is an interesting mix of a classic platformer and an endless runner. As with most platformers, you move and jump over various obstacles with a goal to climb the top level. This is where the endless runner comes into play. You will notice from the get-go that your character can’t stop running. You can, however, change the direction of the character’s movement by swiping the screen left and right. Also, tapping the screen will make the character jump, while double-jumping can be performed by tapping two times. All of this is neatly explained during the tutorial, so you won’t have to worry much about it.

Leap Level

Your goal in this game is fairly simple, collect the shiny loot. Still, this is not as easy as it might seem since there will be many different obstacles on your way. Like many other platformers, Leap Level features various enemies that will try to stop you from collecting valuable treasure. Also, some levels have traps and other obstacles that will make things more difficult for you. Last, but not least, some of the treasure is guarded by a fierce dragon, who will stop at nothing to prevent any adventurer from laying hands on his gold.

All things considered, Leap Level is a fun, family-friendly casual game that every fan of platforming games should try.