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Legacy of Discord Review

What can I say about old school RPGs that hasn’t been said yet? The answer is obvious – not much. To tell you about how much we all enjoy that epic genre is unnecessary, but if you are perhaps among those who skipped the whole Diablo-Baldur’s-Gate-and-such phase, or whatever you want to call it, then “…my friend, stay awhile and listen”.

This game is published by GTarcade . They focus on browser games mostly, however, they recently began growing the mobile game side of things, mostly thanks to the fact that “League of Angels” was such a huge success for them. It is an extremely popular game, well-known to many, and currently features over 350 servers for English speaking areas alone.

GTarcade was founded in 2009, and they have since become a large, global company. They are a property of YOUZU games, from Hong Kong, with their branch office in London, UK. They took their shot at the RPG genre with their title “Legacy of Discord”, and in my opinion, they’ve hit a major success once again.

Legacy of Discord

Once I started this game for the first time, I was immediately thrown back to my years of playing Diablo 2. The graphics and the atmosphere are incredibly similar. There are naturally many differences. For instance, where Diablo is dark and gritty, LOD seems to take a more fantasy approach, with colorful effects and a sort of magical feel to the game.

The story begins when a massive meteorite fell from the sky and brought calamity to the world of Aurora, which is where the plot is set in. Untold destruction was left in the wake, but an even greater and more sinister danger lurked in the aftermath.

That meteorite carried a Dark Crystal, which was freed upon impact and its vile power started absorbing the “Light” from the world of Aurora. The Crystal of Light, which contains the light of the Sun in Aurora, grew weaker in the wake of these events.

The Dark Crystal was swirling with a dark essence, which almost seems like it has a mind of its own, and, while its origins remain unknown, its purpose was later revealed.

Thousands of years later, the minds and forms of many living beings on Aurora began corrupting, and those affected the most were twisted and became what was later known as Demons. Once the Demons realized the Dark Crystal is the source of their new power, they began flocking to it. Immediately, sensing the power of the Light Crystal was the only power left capable of suppressing the powers of the Dark, they built a giant barrier around the crystal as it continued to feed on the light and increase its power.

Naturally, as the demons grew in power, they began an attack on the Celestial City, where the Crystal of Light was kept, in an attempt to destroy it. The Celestial City was guarded by the three Elemental Elders, who led the Guardians, and after a bitter struggle they ultimately managed to repel the demon forces. But, doing so, the Elders had to use forbidden magic to seal the Archdemon, together with themselves beneath the Crystal of Light. Demons, now without their master, retreated and were left in disarray. But, they quickly began a new campaign, where they are amassing even greater numbers, for the final confrontation.

You are one of the Guardians, with a mission of aiding your own forces of light in preparing and defending against this new threat, as well as eradicating demons all over the world of Aurora.
There are three playable character classes you can choose from: Berserker, Bladedancer, and the Sorceress.
Barserker is the equivalent of a fighter or barbarian class in other similar RPGs. Bladedancer matches some perhaps more agile or versatile classes, while the sorceress is self-explanatory.


Immediately after beginning, you are guided with a series of introductory quests to help you learn the basics. You only need to click the quest and your character will walk towards the NPC and into the area the quest is located by himself. This somewhat makes the entire learning process easy, but I would advise you do not skip over any part and carefully read everything you can, because there is plenty of useful info to be read.

After doing some basic tutorial quests and learning your way around the game’s interface, you are ready and set to go on your path. After that, the game becomes what all other RPGs are – a race for experience, loot, and progress. But, I should mention that many of my friends, who played the game for a long time, all agreed that the game actually becomes much more interesting as you gain power and increase your BR rating. I could not achieve this status without playing the game for months, but another thing I think is cool is that that high ranking is also achievable without spending any real money on the game. But, naturally, you will spend time a lot more than with money.

The graphics

The visuals in this game are awesome. I mentioned before that they reminded me of the Diablo II era. That’s because mobile devices can make even the simplest of visuals look cool because of the smaller screen. If you play it on a desktop computer, via emulator, the visual enjoyment may be reduced, but I think not in a significant way. The moves and mechanics which follow the visual side of things are also awesomely done.

This game also took some pointers from other mobile games, and they added a sort of colorful way to display your impact in it. For instance, the damage text and the combo indicators add a cool flavor, as far as I’m concerned.

The loot is also an inevitable treat in these kinds of games, and LOD doesn’t lack in this aspect. You have loot classifications and rarity naturally, and your characters will also display a certain amount of cosmetic appearance according to your equipped loot, but not too much.

Is it rewarding or not?

This, I feel, is a redundant question, because fans of this genre swallowed anything for years, and LOD will if nothing refresh their current view of the same RPG gameplay they are used to. If you are a first timer, then I also feel you will have a good start and you may even remain in this game indefinitely because it has all the necessary aspects covered with some nice unique additions for you to enjoy.

The verdict

Legacy of Discord is certainly a must for anyone who likes RPG and plays mobile games. The game offers a full progressing experience, with rewarding moments which come on a daily basis. The endgame is also pretty good, according to most of the feedback from experienced players.

So, I feel I should finish this by saying that I enjoyed trying out this game and I highly recommend it to anyone. Play it and enjoy it.

Legacy of Discord Review



Legacy of Discord is certainly a must for anyone who likes RPG and plays mobile games. The game offers a full progressing experience, with rewarding moments which come on a daily basis. The endgame is also pretty good, according to most of the feedback from experienced players.

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