Peter Molyneux Bringing Legacy To Switch

Legacy Switch version is confirmed – Building an economical empire from scratch

When Peter Molyneux created his first video game The Entrepreneur in 1984, he didn’t dream that he will be in the video gaming business even today. As he explained in an interview for Nintendo Life, the game sold in only two copies and one was bought by his mother. But after saying goodbye to games and founding Taurus Impex Limited with a friend, Molyneux started baked beans export business and would probably be out of the gaming industry if there weren’t for destiny. So, thanks to that Commodore mix up and Molyneux’s company being brave enough to take the chance, his video game Legacy is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Legacy On Switch

Legacy is the newest game from Molyneux which will have a lot of intentional similarities to his The Entrepreneur. The goal of the game is to run a business and create all sorts of things. Players will assume the role of an inventor who starts small and then slowly turns his business into a megacorporation. The idea is to create unique products, find the consumers and expand your business.

Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds since you will have to think about everything that is necessary to build a brand and big business. This includes finding an ideal product, its marketing, hiring employees and investing in the manufacturing process like factory and technology. And then, you need to deal with human relations, ethics, moral and a whole array of things that can affect productivity and turn the revenue.

When creating this game, Molyneux was inspired by his father who spends hours and hours in his workshop in order to create things. So for him, this game is also a personal story that not only has an educational motif but also shows the rawness of being an inventor.

Legacy Coming To Nintendo Switch

Although it’s not confirmed yet, Legacy will probably come to PC and mobile devices first, and then go to Nintendo Switch which is Molyneux’s personal desire. Molyneux’s company 22cans released its first game for Switch last year The Trail: Frontier Challenge but Legacy is what this enthusiastic developer longs to see on this console.

“I would absolutely say that there is a really strong chance of it going onto Switch, but there are two gates that can stop that happening. The first is you have to get permission from Nintendo, that’s one gate,” explained Molyneux in the interview. “And the other gate is, are we, as a company, passionate about putting it on Switch? I would absolutely say yes to that because Nintendo – of all three consoles – it appeals to the audience that I find most fascinating.”