Little Lords of Twilight

If you think you know everything there is to know about turn-based RPGs, stepping into the grid featured in Little Lords of Twilight will prove you otherwise. This online tactical battler from the Seasun games is a unique retelling of tried and tested formula, and it provides new elements to players who got bored of usual gameplay mechanics in this kind of games.  The game is set to launch this winter, but you can have an early taste of the gameplay thanks to the soft launch for iOS and Android.

The main objectives of Little Lords of Twilight are to build and create a squad of Heroes, each of them with individual abilities and spells they can use in battles. The twist in the mechanics comes from the fact that the change of night and day affects the battles greatly. When the day changes into the night and the other way around, heroes and minions change their appearance, abilities, and stats. Some previously strong abilities might weaken with the change of the time of the day and vice versa. It’s up to the player to adapt and prepare accordingly in order to use these factors to the max. The choice of hero and hireling you will lead into battle is up to you, so you can adjust your tactics to be a better fit to your opponent.  

In Little Lords of Twilight, you win by either defeating your opponent’s forces or getting to their portal on the other side of the battlefield. Except for strategizing and running your route on the grids, you can also collect SunPop and NightFall fragments in order to unlock the Eclipse Chests, which contain the rare items.

As a reward for successful playing, you will gain access to various valuable chests, full of helpful items you can use in battles. There are also cards that you will need to build the ultimate deck, and shards which you will need to unlock a highly coveted item called the Eclipse chest. Except for that, you can unlock and upgrade new Hero abilities and skins.

Despite being focused on 1-on-1  matches, there is also a clan system, which will give you even more rewards if you manage to win as a team. By working together you can unlock some very valuable items from chests and dominate the global leaderboards.

Being a soft-launched title,  Little Lords of Twilight is not available everywhere. At this moment you can play it only in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Philippines, and Malaysia. Players from these countries can claim this game on the  App Store and Google Play. The rest of you who aren’t included in the soft launch can visit the official website to pre-register,  and get notified when the game becomes available in your country.  The early reviews for Little Lords of Twilight are more than praiseful, expressing the satisfaction with great improvement compared to the earlier versions of the game. In the next few months, we will be able to play the full version of Little Lords of Twilight and see how improved it is.