Mafia City Tips & Tricks


Mafia City distinguishes itself from other strategy mobile games in more ways than one. Primarily, there’s been an outburst of funny videos from gameplay footage in form of memes, which also includes other pop culture references, and some of the videos even reached a few hundred thousand views in less than a week. If you want to check them out, just Google it: ‘Mafia City meme’.

The game itself also has generally positive feedback from most of the reviewers. People are mainly praising the game’s clever remarks to the mobster lifestyle and how it all fits together nicely in a game. Secondly, it is all packed in a familiar competitive strategy environment, letting the players loos on one another. Here are some tips that have sprung so far.

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How to Attack?

As in numerous other strategy games such as Game of War or Mobile Strike, you must first build an army. In Mafia City, your army consists of Bikers, Gunslingers, Berserkers, various vehicles, and others. Since you select the target of your attack, another mafia headquarters or a PvE encounter on the map, you determine how many of your units will go. After that, you just wait until the job is done and the loot is brought back.

How to Farm?

Robbing for resources is pretty straight forward. However, if you want to advance quickly and have an abundance of resources you will need farm accounts. Creating a farm account is easy, just like starting a new game, but your farm account needs to be bound to the same Facebook or Google Play account as your main account. Also, teleport it to the same city your main mafia headquarters is.

It is best to invest in Cash, Arms, and Cargo skills on these farming accounts. Get 1000 favor with Grace, your farm babe, and increase Troop Load, Cash Box, and Resource Robbing speed.

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Mafia City Gold hack?

Do not use any cheats, hacks, or add-ons! Most hacks on the web will give you a corrupted web address that you need to visit via your Google Play account which will either trick you into an unwilling payment or worse. Also, using cheats defeats the purpose of Mafia City and ruins your gaming pleasure.

How to increase Battle Stats?

Battle Stats are essential for your troops and are primarily gained from Investments and leader skills. It is best to invest in crew capability and war maniac, while equipment investment can also help. For the leader skills, invest all in the battle category and upgrade the VIP level. IT is also good to preserve your VIP status activation and only use it prior to a battle.

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How to get Roses?

Roses are used to upgrading Babes. Increasing the favor is initially done by playing the cup game, but after you max it out you need to get them gifts to gain stars. With each star, you get a new Babe skill. You get 9 Roses daily with the standard play, but if you want more you should always check the Yacht. Whenever it is in your bay you should click and check its offer. Paying 40 Gold for one Rose is a good deal, while 3 for 160 Gold is also profitable. Also, always get the resource production buff for 2-3 roses, when available.

How to get Vigilante exp?

The developers add a new Vigilante approximately every month, but they are generally classified in two categories, according to their skills, and those are: Upgradable and non-Upgradable. Upgradable can be upgradable with Vigilante fragments. Also, there are active and passive vigilante skills. It is best to first activate all passive skills that improve battle stats and also upgrade one vigilante with active skills to 5 stars quickly, so you can use him as your main. Besides doing battles, you can purchase packs if you are in the mood to spend money on Mafia City.

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How to change City?

You can change the city for free if you are under Lvl. 6 and haven’t played for more than 72 hours. You cannot take more than 500k cash with you. If you meet all the requirements, just click the Newbie Teleport.

How to change the Clan?

Open your Clan’s info panel by clicking the ‘i’ in the upper left corner of your screen. Select the information tab and click the broken shield icon.

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How to Recruit?

If you know some players in-game or you and your friends all got together to start playing Mafia City, it is a splendid idea to form a clan. Creating a clan is simple, just click the Clan tab and follow the instructions.  

How to increase Power?

You can increase power in a few ways. The primary way is via the Invest Centre. Also, equip weapons that are higher in power. Train troops and keep upgrading and unlocking more powerful troops. No other way around it.