Major Mayhem 2 Review

Major Mayhem 2 – B-Movie Action at Your Fingertips

If there is anything that could be better than the real thing, it’s a tasteful parody. And like Major Mayhem 1, the sequel is all about emulating those B action movies we all grew to like.

The story of Major Mayhem 2 by Rocket Jump Games is really simple. While on vacation, Major and his girlfriend are attacked by villains. That leaves no other choice for Major but to gear up and jump into action to save the vacation. And really, Major jumps straight from the beach chair into the fight with masked assailants armed to the teeth and using innocent people as a human shield. From then on, it’s all about shooting and blasting the enemies.

When it comes to your enemies, all you need to do is tap them to turn them into a target. However, as you progress through the game you may need to tap more than twice and upgrade your weapons. Just like any conventional game, Major Mayhem 2 has bosses at the end of levels who require a little bit more than tapping. You will need to choose carefully moments to be heroic and those when you need to hide and save your skin. Namely, if you see a red circle on the screen it’s time to look for the cover.

major mayhem 2

Which leads me to the funniest part of the game by far. You see, Major Mayhem 2 doesn’t have a usual health bar we are all used to, but rather interesting one. Whenever you take a hit, you will lose a piece of your clothing. If you happen to be topless, you can take one more hit before you die and it’s game over. I’ll admit, this was really a cool and funny homage to all those action movies like Rambo and Predator from the 1980s where muscled men chased bad guys with big guns and often ended up topless for the final battle. So, kudos for this nice touch.

Otherwise, Major Mayhem 2 is nothing new and if you don’t expect it to be original or inventive, you will have fun playing it. Even though the game has wait-timers since it is free-to-play, you won’t be bothered that much. To refill your energy, watch videos or just click on them and rest your eyes in the distance. It’s easier than being annoyed for waiting. When it comes to loot boxes, you will have to wait for them to unlock, but during that time you can still blast your enemies away.

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The most important thing is to pay attention to weapons you unlock since they can really make the difference against some tougher enemies. Other than that, this game doesn’t offer any enlightenment or deep experience, nor it promises any. This is a casual shooter and nothing more, but it doesn’t mean it’s dull. If anything, Major Mayhem 2 is fun and enjoyable to play in a funny and relaxing way.

The graphic is great and the art is clearly intended to parody the already mentioned clichés with cartoonish characters. The dialogue is not anything inspirational and consists of manly shouts you would usually expect from the muscled action hero. It even got a few laughs out of me for being so original. Nonetheless, if you want some fun without expecting too much, Major Mayhem 2 is a perfect title for you to play casually and without any fuss.

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Nonetheless, if you want some fun without expecting too much, Major Mayhem 2 is a perfect title for you to play casually and without any fuss.

User Rating: 2.58 ( 2 votes)