Mario Kart Tour Review

Mario Kart Tour Review

Finally, Mario Kart Tour released on September 25 and we have the Mario Kart mobile version to play, for both Android and iOS. The franchise has been a big part of virtually every gamer’s life since the ‘90s, but the last half a decade or so, people have been hungry for a Smartphone port. And, here it is! Rubber is burning, karts are crashing, and the Brazilian Lambada music is playing with the game and all its trademark features now being available on your handheld gadget.

Development and reception

Nintendo EPD has been in the official development since January 2018, when the upcoming Mario Kart mobile version was announced. That same year, they held a closed beta test for Android and the game has then been scheduled to go live in March 2019, However, it was postponed for the 25th of September release, and in its first 24 hours, the game has been downloaded over FIVE MILLION times! On Google Play, Mario Kart Tour Android has 4.4 stars out of over 380k votes, and the iOS version on the iTunes App Store has an amazing 4.8-star rating out of over 300k votes.


As it is traditional in the entire franchise, which goes back to 1992, the core gameplay of this game sees the famous Mario universe characters compete in kart racing. They drive go-karts, each with their own skill, advantages, and disadvantages, through tracks which offer opportunities and dangers alike. The racers compete to be the first but also try to hinder their opponent with various methods that have evolved through the decades of this gaming series.

Mario Kart Tour also offers four different CCs, and they are 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 200cc. Each of them has the previous one unlocked automatically, except the 50cc of course. The 50cc is unlocked immediately and the others are unlockable later during gameplay, while the fourth one is attained via Gold Pass. It contains Mario Kart 7 gliding feature, some bonus characters, and more.

Also, being a mobile game, there is an in-app show added for players to purchase game-related stuff with their in-game earned currency, rubies. You can also unlock more characters, new karts, and even gliders. The Gold Pass is a subscription that brings the greatest rewards and unlocks 200cc, but its bought for real money of course.

As far as the controls go, the mobile handheld adaptation sees the player only steering the kart, with the game auto-accelerating the vehicle. The goal is to win, of course, but also to earn as much stars as you can. At the end of an each cup, there is also a special 1-lap race that requires the player to complete an objective before ending at the finish line and also yields up to 3 stars.


Mario Kart Tour is a long-awaited adaptation of the franchise for Smartphones, and it does not disappoint as such. The game perhaps can’t compare to some of its predecessors on consoles, but viewed as a mobile game, it is worth the high scores awarded. The visuals are decent, the gameplay is faithful to the source, and the multiplayer kart racing with Mario characters is definitely going to make millions have fun this winter.