There is no party like Mario Party and, it seems like this time around, Nintendo has prepared a title so much unlike the previous installments that the game will not be numbered like its ten predecessors. Instead, it will be called Super Mario Party. Here’s what we know so far, to help you decide if it’s really super or not:

– Each character gets to move across the board individually (no more riding in a car together)

– Also, each of them gets a regular six-sided die, and another one specific to them (for example, Boo’s die gives more moves, but also brings the risk of losing coins)

– Different items that you find throughout the game can increase or decrease your dice rolls. Those items can be found when stepping on special lucky/unlucky spaces. Lucky spaces can also make your opponents lose coins, award you with an item such as Dash Mushroom, and more.

– Whoever has the most stars at the end of the game, wins. Stars can be obtained by stepping on a goal or bought using coins. You determine how many turns the game lasts.

– There is a tank battle minigame, a cooking minigame, a baseball minigame, a horse riding minigame, a fishing minigame, a barrel riding minigame, and more, with the grand total of 80 minigames.

– Some of these games can be played in split-screen mode, while others cannot. Some will use motion controls, others will not. How will this be arranged and sorted out remains to be seen.

– Some of the maps will have NPCs that you can team up with if you step on their field, using their Special Dice abilities to help you with your next roll.

– There is a mode called Toad’s Rec Room. This is the mode that will most certainly grab your attention when you look at the trailer. In it, two Switch consoles can be paired up for a tabletop gameplay mode in which moving the consoles around directly affects the playing area on the screens.

– There will also be a LAN multiplayer mode.

– You can finally play as a Goomba! Or, if that is not exciting enough for you, as Boo or Princess Rosalina.

– There will also be an online multiplayer mode complete with leaderboards, a ranking system, and rewards. In this mode, you can play against strangers, or your friends online, and the winner is determined after five different minigames have been played.

– Whenever you feel like it, you can high–five the people you’re playing with, and your characters in the game will high-five as well… Which is nice, I guess…

– Not every minigame is of “every man for himself” variety. Some encourage teaming up and playing against a common enemy. (I can see only good things coming from this).

When looking at all the features listed here, Super Mario Party seems like it could be a bit too overwhelming of an experience. The best we can do is wait for the October 5th this year, when the game will be released, and see if this will truly be the most innovative Mario Party game in years.