This brawler game was released back in 2014 by Kabam. They both developed and published the game for Android and iOS platforms, and it features both single and multiplayer game modes.
The game follows the movies in terms of champions included, but interestingly enough the champions do not look like the movie versions, but are rather their comic book versions of themselves, which is very cool if you ask me.

I like that they did all their character design following the comic books, because the fighting styles and the movements of the characters are also from the comic books, which is incredibly cool and I feel it wouldn’t fit the movie versions of them at all.
I just can’t imagine Chris Evans doing a turbo jump on a shield, while the comic versions make these special moves look awesome.

This game is all about gathering new heroes as you progress through it, preparing to fight Thanos. There are also more bonus quests and events, which come out as the movies do, and follow their development.

This is a mobile game, so you shouldn’t expect complicated mechanics. You have light and heavy attacks, with special power attacks usable in combos. The game is fast-paced and it really lifts up your adrenaline. As you go over different areas, you unlock champions and gain resources. Your heroes can also level and gain strength as you play them, which is a nice addition to this brawler.

This game is not pay-to-win. You can earn anything in the game just by playing it. Naturally, you will have an easier time if you are willing to spend some real money on it, but not as a general rule.
Simply spending half an hour or more a day can earn you all crystals, money, levels, and champions you need.

Despite this simple brawler gameplay style, the game can be pretty fun and rewarding. After you master the basics, you’ll learn how to exploit different strengths and weaknesses of heroes, as well as level them up. There is also plenty of other stuff to unlock and collect, as well as various play styles.

The special events allows you to gather special crystals used to level up certain classes. They are valuable, but doing this can be time-consuming, I felt.
There are six Champion Classes: Cosmic, Mutant, Mystic, Science, Skill, and Tech. They are pretty much derived from the superhero origins, in the comic books. This game can also be educational, if you are not familiar with the Marvel comic book world, and can even bring a newcomer in and up to speed with all the heroes.

The visuals and character details are incredibly good. You will definitely enjoy this if you are a comic book fan. I know because I am one, and I don’t have anything negative to say about character design.

The gameplay is addictive and fun while staying on the light side of things, allowing this game to be quite a good time killer.

All comic book fans and other mobile gamers will have a good time playing this brawler. Many other reviewers gave it really high marks. My marks will be listed below, so check them out and check out this game if you are in the mood for a good, comic book character based brawler.


8.3 Epic
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 8.4