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Marvel Fires Star Wars Writer Because of His Tweets

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media platforms are more than just likes, shares, and followers. Just like in real life, it’s not always smart to say whatever you want and recently, there is a lot of proof to attest that. The newest one in the series is Marvel firing Chuck Wendig for using vulgarity in his tweets.

Chuck Wendig is a Star Wars novels and comic books writer who was only a week ago named as the person behind Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Vader comic series. During the panel at New York Comic Con, he announced that five-issue miniseries is in the works centered on no other but most iconic villain of the Star Wars franchise.  

Chuck Wendig

Based on his announcement, the series will deal with Vader’s legacy by telling stories about him from perspectives of characters that he left an impression on. From morgue attendant on the Death Star who figured out that the victims coming to his table aren’t chocked the usual way, to the Acolytes of the Beyond – Vader’s groupies that Wendig already wrote about. The plan was to launch the series in January next year, although that may not be the case anymore.

The whole incident between Wendig and Marvel occurred after this Star Wars writer expressed his strong dissatisfaction with a resolution of the Brett Kavanaugh’s case. As you may know, Kavanaugh’s appointment as the Supreme Court judge has been all over the media and caused a lot of public outrage. And even after the testimonies of Blasey Ford who accused Kavanaugh of rape and his college buddies confirming wild parties where girls were drugged and sexually assaulted, the judge has joined the Supreme Court.

Wendig expressed his disappointment in the series of vulgar tweets directed at the Kavanaugh’s appointment. However, this was not the first time Wendig expressed himself so freely. The writer explained he was targeted by the Comicsgate after it was revealed that the Star Wars: Aftermath book included an LGBT character. According to Wendig, the author was harassed so much about this that he had to notify the local police department. But even though the harassment only escalated, Wendig continued working on Star Wars projects regardlessly.

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And just when so many great things were happening for the author, he got a call from editor Mark Paniccia who informed him he was fired. Wendig stated Paniccia listed “too much politics, too much vulgarity, too much negativity” expressed by the author on his Twitter account are the reasons behind this Marvel’s decision.

Last Monday, Wendig reported that his Twitter account was temporarily suspended for five hours. He blames the fans who were heavily opposed to the new book replacing the previously established expanded universe, as well as Kavanaugh’s supporters. He also claimed that people were threatening him and asking for his replacement from Star Wars since they saw his tweets as a call for violence.  

Also, Wendig draws a parallel between his case and that of director James Gunn who was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in July because of his offensive tweets from a decade ago. Gunn apologized for those publicly, but it had no effect on the Marvel’s decision. So, now Gunn is working on the new Suicide Squad movie for DC, although Wendig didn’t state any other projects he’s working on other than Star Wars.

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Nonetheless, seems that Marvel is taking pretty seriously the behavior of their employees and isn’t afraid to take drastic measures against it. On the other hand, Wendig had every right to express his disappointment with Kavanaugh’s appointment as Supreme Court judge although he could’ve used different words and avoid vulgarity altogether.