Marvel Future Fight Tier List

Marvel Future Fight Tier List

Welcome to Marvel Future Fight Tier List! In this list, we will rank 10 best Heroes in Marvel Future Fight in every category. Keep in mind that we will pinpoint the strongest uniforms of Heroes in the game in an attempt to help you understand what you should strive to obtain. Also, we will provide a brief explanation of each Hero. Hero on the top of each category is the best, next Hero is the second best and so on. Enjoy!



Marvel Future Fight Captain America - Combat

Captain America – Endgame

Captain America in this uniform is a beast! He can use Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) and all his abilities inflict massive damage immediately followed by strong damage over time (Bleed, Shock). Besides that, he can buff himself with Damage Immunity and Increased Stats, while at the same time he controls enemies with multiple Stuns. His passive abilities clear debuffs and increase Defenses and Damage. Captain America’s ultimate does a lot of things but most importantly it slows and stuns all enemies while decreasing their defense for a considerable amount. If you chose Captain America to be a Leader of the team he will increase the Health of all allies by 5%. Captain America – Endgame is on Top of the Combat List for a good reason!

Marvel Future Fight Wolverine - Combat

Wolverine – X-Force

Wolverine X-Force is a killing machine in the true sense of the word! All his skills are made with just one purpose – to devastate and utterly destroy anyone in front of him. Wolverine’s attacks have increased critical chance and can penetrate enemy defenses. He can also buff himself with increased Damage and he is able to guard himself against certain attacks. His passive ability grants him regeneration and increases his Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Wolverine’s ultimate decreases enemy defenses by 50%, inflicts massive damage over time (Bleed), grants him Damage Immunity and accumulates damage with each strike. The immediate impact of his ultimate causes incredible harm to anyone who opposes him and it penetrates all kinds of protection almost every time. As a leader, Wolverine grants decreased

Marvel Future Fight Mister Fantastic - Combat

Mister Fantastic – Future Foundation

Mister Fantastic is the best crowd-controller of all Combat Heroes. All of his skills can Stun opponents which is incredible considering he can also slow entire enemy groups almost all the time. His damage output is not the highest but it shouldn’t be neglected. During the battle, he is able to become invincible with increased accumulated true damage and stats. His passive ability decreases the damage he receives by a decent amount. Mister Fantastic’s ultimate inflict a huge amount of damage while slowing and stunning all enemies in the process. Upon executing ultimate, Mister Fantastic is granted Invincibility, accumulated True Damage, increased stats, and ability to ignore enemy defenses. As a leader Mister Fantastic increases all attacks for Fantastic Four allies. If you find yourself in trouble during your journey through Marvel Future Fight, Mister Fantastic – Future Foundation will definitely be a solution to all your problems.

Marvel Future Fight Namor - Combat

Namor – Phoenix Five

Namor in Phoenix Five uniform is a Hero who brings fiery destruction to all those in front of him. He lives underwater but he is a master of fire and all his attacks deliver fire damage. During the battle, he uses his abilities to Blind, Stuns or decrease fire resistance to his opponents. At the same time, he can guard himself against incoming attacks and he can increase all stats to allies and himself. His passive ability grants him Super Armor and increases his Critical Strike chance and damage. Namor’s ultimate causes medium Fire damage, slows all enemies and decreases their Defense and Resistance. Additionally, he accumulates True Damage, ignores all kinds of protection, removes debuffs from all allies and becomes invincible for 10 seconds. As a leader, Namor increases the critical strike chance of all allies by 4%. Namor is one of the Heroes you can always rely on.

Marvel Future Fight Black Panther - Combat

Black Panther – Black Panther

Black Panther in Black Panther uniform successfully uses vibranium to slaughter enemies of Wakanda. He is similar to Wolverine but he delivers energy damage and he can stun enemies with his skills. In combat, he protects himself with prolonged immunity to damage and increased stats. His passive ability grants him damage over time (Bleed) with all his attacks, increased Speed and Critical Damage and permanently decreased Damage received. Black Panther’s ultimate is devastating – it inflicts major harm to everyone while applying slow, Stun and Paralyze instantly. Upon executing ultimate, Black Panther ignores all enemy defenses and increases all of his stats by a considerable amount. If you put him on the Leader spot he will increase the critical chance of all allies by 3%. Wakanda forever!

Marvel Future Fight Minn Erva - Combat

Minn-Erva – Captain Marvel

Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel uniform harasses her enemies with irresistible energy damage. Her damage is ranged and constant meaning that she’ll be able to quickly clear enemies while avoiding being injured herself. She can stun and paralyze her opponents but her main advantage is her ability to summon a clone with a considerable portion of her abilities. Her passive ability grants increased dodge rate, skill damage and bonus damage while permanently decreases damage received. If you chose her to be a Leader she will decrease the debuff duration of all allies. Minn-Erva may not seem that dangerous but she is much stronger than she looks at first sight.

Marvel Future Fight Sabretooth - Combat


Sabretooth punishes his enemies with mighty Bleeding strikes. All of his attacks deliver an incredible amount of damage followed by bleeding damage over time but that is not all since Sabretooth can paralyze, stun and incapacitate his opponents. During the battle, he buffs himself with increased stats, critical rate and he has a chance to become immune to all damage and to penetrate enemy shields or barriers. His passive ability grants him regeneration when he is injured and increased critical chance and critical damage. Additionally, he has a chance to decrease the portion of enemy defense with each strike (amount of decreased defense can stack up to 55%). As a leader, Sabretooth decreases the debuff duration of all allies by 4%.

Marvel Future Fight Juggernaut - Combat


Juggernaut is a deadly Hero who shatters the bones of his opponents. His damage output is impressive but Juggernaut’s main strength is his ability to Fracture, Stun and Paralyze enemies. It is important to say that he gradually increases his attack as his Health drops and while doing that, he accumulates True Damage. During the battle, Juggernaut can guard himself against the incoming blows and he can also lower the potency of enemy attacks. His passive ability grants him Regeneration and Super Armor that increases all defenses and decreases Damage Received. When his health drops below 50% he becomes immune to Mind damage and all his stats are increased by a considerable amount. If you pick Juggernaut to be a leader of the team he will increase all Defenses of the entire team by 10%.

Marvel Future Fight Hulk - Combat

Hulk – Endgame

Hulk in Endgame uniform is a Hero who brings havoc to his enemies. With each strike, he can incapacitate the opponent. He fractures, stuns, and binds entire enemy groups. During the battle, he can lower enemy chance to hit and he has a chance to become immune to all damage and to penetrate all kinds of protection. He also delivers slight burning damage over time. His passive ability grants him the ability to ignore an opponent’s dodge rate, improves his stats and increases the damage output of all skills. Also, he receives a minor Regeneration when his HP is below 80%. If Hulk is the leader of your team, physical damage of all allies will be increased by 5%.

Marvel Future Fight Agent Venom - Combat

Agent Venom – Agent Anti-Venom

Agent Venom in Agent Anti-Venom uniform combines the potency of his attacks with the ability to Stun enemies. His first skill enables him to heal with each strike while other skills guard him against incoming attacks and grant him invincibility. His passive ability increases his Critical Chance and Critical damage and he can increase all his stats after every fourth attack (25% chance). As a leader, Agent Venom increases the Physical Damage of all allies by 5%.


Marvel Future Fight Jean Grey - Blast

Jean Grey – X-Man Red

Jean Grey in X-Man Red uniform manipulates Energy and Mind damage to devastate anyone who opposes her. She can slow enemies and freeze time during which she continuously obliterates unfortunate targets without hesitation. Her attack decreases the Mind Resistance (stacks up to 100%), stuns, and binds entire groups of enemies. During the battle she can guard against incoming attacks, she recovers lost Health, and she accumulates True damage regardless of Defense and Dodge rate. Her passive ability grants her Reborn when she dies, decreases incoming damage, and increases all resistances and Skill Damage by 50%. Jean Grey’s ultimate binds, stuns, silences and deals high Burning damage over time. Upon executing ultimate, she becomes Invincible and receives 100% Penetration against all immunities while unleashing obliterating Fire attack at the same time. While she is the leader of the team, she automatically removes all debuffs from the entire team. Jean Grey is class 5 Mutant for a reason, and naturally, she is one of the most powerful Heroes in Marvel Future Fight Tier List.

Marvel Future Fight Sharon Rogers - Blast

Sharon Rogers (Captain America) – Dark Star Armor

Female version of Captain America, aka Sharon Rogers is at least as powerful as her male counterpart. She utilizes Energy and Physical damage to deal with the existing threat. Her attacks are strong and constant. She can even stun opponents while she accumulating True damage and gains Immunity to all damage. Her damage output is increased with every percent of lost health. Passive ability increases all her defenses and decreases incoming Energy or Physical damage. It also enables her to ignore enemy defenses and to execute skills with greatly increased potency. Sharon Rogers’ ultimate buffs all allies with brief Immunity to all damage and grants her penetration against all protections, double damage with the next attack and doubled charge rate of accumulated True Damage. Upon executing, her ultimate unleashes incredible Energy implosion. If you decide that she should be a leader of the team she’ll grant all allies 25% chance to create Energy Shield equal to 20% of Max Health with each strike. Sharon Rogers in Dark Star Armor uniform is perhaps even more powerful than Captain America in Endgame uniform.

Marvel Future Fight Iron Man - Blast

Iron Man – Endgame

Iron Man in Endgame uniform is deadly Energy Blaster capable of quickly destroying everything in his path. All of his attacks are energy-based with enormous damage output and they are especially effective against Super Villain opponents. By utilizing Energy in his Power Armor, Iron Man can create Energy Shield, he can heal himself and he can become Immune to incoming damage. Besides the incredible immediate damage, Iron Man can also freeze time and inflict additional Ash damage overtime during that period. His passive ability makes his attacks even more powerful because it increases the entire Energy and Skill damage output. Iron Man’s ultimate combines all previous skills into one huge energy blast that clears everything from the battlefield. While executing ultimate, Iron Man becomes invincible, his damage is doubled for the next attack and he can penetrate all kind protections. As a Leader, Iron Man decreases the cooldowns of allies by 4%. Iron Man is probably the best damage dealer in the game but his average survivability prevents him from getting a better placement in Marvel Future Fight Tier List.

Marvel Future Fight Magneto - Blast

Magneto – Marvel Now

Magneto in Marvel Now uniform is a Hero who combines Energy and Physical attacks in dealing with adversaries. His damage output is not the greatest but he is surely capable of prevailing against any threat. During the battle he can bind enemies and decrease their Defenses, he can guard himself against incoming attacks and he can increase all stats. His passive ability enables him to permanently harm all opponents that are near to him and additionally it increases his damage against humans and the duration of debuff effects. Magneto’s ultimate paralyzes, stuns, and causes Bleeding damage over time against all enemies while it grants him invincibility, penetration, and double damage for the next attack simultaneously. As a leader, Magneto significantly increases the Attack of all Mutant allies. Magneto is strong but according to comics he should be even stronger and he should deserve a better place in the Marvel Future Fight Tier List.

Marvel Future Fight Doctor Strange - Blast

Doctor Strange – Infinity War

Doctor Strange in Infinity War uniform is another Hero who manipulates Energy at his own benefit. Unlike Magneto and Iron Man, Doctor Strange compensates lack of damage with his ability to crowd control and debuff opponents. All of his skills inflict medium Energy damage but can also stun and bind enemies. The main strength of Doctor Strange is his Sorcerer Supreme ability which increases his stats, grants him damage Immunity and resets cooldowns of all other skills. His passive ability enables him to ignore any barrier and grants him a 75% chance to stop time and increase his Speed when attacking. Doctor Strange’s ultimate freezes the time, applies stun and paralyze, removes all buffs from targets and decreases their defense for a considerable amount. Upon executing ultimate, Doctor Strange clones himself into countless mirror-images that summons devastating explosion. During this time, Doctor Strange is granted invincibility, increased damage for the next 2 attacks and all of his stats are significantly improved. As a leader, Doctor Strange improves Energy Damage output of all allies by 10% and he grants them the ability to ignore the portion of enemy’s Dodge rate. If used correctly, Doctor Strange will harass enemies constantly while staying out of danger most of the time.

Marvel Future Fight Cyclops - Blast

Cyclops – Phoenix Five

Cyclops in Phoenix Five uniform is a new addition to Tier 3 Heroes. He manipulates fire causing fiery destruction against unfortunate targets. As a Fire Manipulator Cyclops not only injures enemies with his skills but he also punishes them with continuous Burning Damage over time with every ability he uses. On top of all that, he can also stun, bind and slow enemies. During the battle he guards himself against incoming attacks, he has limited healing, he has a high chance to gain Immunity against all damage, and the same chance to penetrate Barriers for a short time. His passive ability increases the potency of skills, ignores a big portion of the enemy’s Dodge Rate, and permanently increases his damage output. Cyclops’ ultimate generates a moderate nuclear explosion that causes major Burning damage over time and binds and slows enemies. During that time Cyclops becomes invincible, his critical chance is significantly increased, he can penetrate all kinds of protection and he is granted double damage for the next strike. If you choose him to be the Leader of the team, Cyclops will grant increased all Attacks and Defences to the entire team. If you want to bring fiery havoc or you like to play with fire, Cyclops is the ideal choice for you.

Marvel Future Fight Scarlet Witch - Blast

Scarlet Witch – Infinity War

Scarlet Witch in Infinity War uniform manipulates the mind of others and transforms them into a smaller size of themselves so she could more easily deal with them. Her damage output is average but she lowers Mind resistance and other Defenses with each strike. She can also remove positive effects like HP Recovery, Freeze Time, Damage Immunity, etc… with some of her skills. During the battle, she can become Immune to all Damage and she can guard herself against several incoming attacks. Her passive ability activates when Hex Blast skill is used and it grants her damage protection and regeneration while reflecting incoming damage in the process. Scarlet Witch also receives permanently improved potency of her skills and gains a chance to penetrate all kinds of protection. As a leader, Scarlet Witch significantly increases the Energy Damage of all allies. If you enjoy eliminating small size opponents with the power of your mind use Scarlet Witch.

Marvel Future Fight Emma Frost - Blast

Emma Frost – Phoenix Five

Emma Frost in Phoenix Five uniform combines Mind and Fire damage against her opponents. She has an incredibly high damage output and she can stun, bind and mind control enemies in the process. During the battle, Emma Frost protects herself with Super Armor that increases all her Defenses and decreases damage received by 60%. She can also summon Illusions for maximizing her damage. Her passive ability increases Dodge Rate, Fire Damage, and Mind Resist, enabling her to penetrate Shield and barriers. As a leader, Emma Frost decreases the debuff duration of all allies.

Marvel Future Fight Stryfe - Blast


Strife is a deadly Blaster Hero who is the evil clone of Cable but with enhanced abilities. He utilizes energy to devastate his opponents with Stuns, Fractures, and Incapacitations. He is also able to cause minor Shock Damage over time. During the battle he can increase his stats, he can guard himself against incoming attacks and his presence terrifies the enemies. At some point, he can even become invincible. His passive ability decreases the incoming damage by 50% and grants him Immunity to Incapacitation and Fracture. Additionally, he has a high chance to penetrate all kinds of protection with increased skill damage output. His Super Armor is not strong but it is useful. As a leader, Stryfe removes all debuffs from the team whenever a debuff is applied.

Marvel Future Fight Cable - Blast

Cable – X-Force

Cable in X-Force uniform is a mutant infected with Techno-organic virus with Omega-Level telekinetic abilities. He uses a big gun loaded with energy that enables him to obliterate anyone who opposes him. He can remove positive effects from entire enemy groups, increasing their miss chance or binding them. He also has a slight regeneration ability, he can accumulate True Damage, and he can guard against incoming attacks. While he executes Plasma Shower he becomes invincible for 5 seconds. His passive ability increases his Critical Chance and Critical Damage and provides him with a considerable chance to penetrate all kinds of protection. As a leader, Cable grants his team the ability to ignore the portion of enemy Dodge Rate.


Marvel Future Fight Deadpool - Speed

Deadpool – X-Force

Deadpool in X-force uniform is a product of the infamous Weapon X program, and he is widely known as “Merc with a Mouth”. With his dual-pistols and dual-wakizashi, he causes massive Physical damage to his enemies. His skills enable him to Stun, Paralyze and cause Bleeding damage against entire groups of enemies. In combat, he buffs himself with Super Armor, Increased Stats, and he has a chance to gain Immunity against all Damage for a certain period. With each attack, he has a chance to lower enemy defenses for a decent amount, stacking until the target dies. His passive ability grants him huge regeneration when he is near death and increases Critical Chance and Skill Damage while he is injured. Deadpool’s ultimate further decreases enemy defenses up to 100%, making the next attack considerably stronger and granting him penetration against all kind of Defenses. If you chose Deadpool to be the leader of your team, he will grant increased Recovery Rate to all allies and he will increase all of their stats.

Marvel Future Fight Spider-Man - Speed

Spider-Man – Far From Home (Stealth Suit)

Spider-Man in Stealth Suit uniform represents Peter Parker on the top of his power. While causing massive, unavoidable Physical Damage, Spider-Man uses his spider abilities for absolute Incapacitation of his enemies. By using Web, Fracture and Stun he totally controls the battlefield, becoming almost untouchable. While doing that he also causes damage over time with Fire. All this and his impressive Dodge Rate are the reasons why Spider-Man practically has no defensive abilities at all, although unlike the majority of other Heroes he is aware of Invisible enemies. Passive ability increases his Dodge Rate, Web duration and grants him Immunity to Snare and Stun. Spider-Man’s ultimate applies Web, Stun, Paralyze and decreases enemy Defenses. It also doubles his Dodge Rate, increases his Stats, grants him Super Armor, and makes him able to penetrate or ignore all kinds of protection. Naturally, if you place Spider-Man on the Leader spot he will increase Dodge Rate of the entire team.

Marvel Future Fight Luna Snow - Speed

Luna Snow – Lifestyle Series

Luna Snow in Lifestyle uniform is a Master of Ice who utilizes snow and cold for dealing with enemies. All of her skills deal above-average Cold damage and cause Chill damage over time. She controls the battlefield by freezing and charming her opponents. In combat, she can become Immune to all damage while using mid-strong Regeneration to heal her wounds. Her passive ability activates after using Dancing Sensation skill and it resets the Ardent Performance skill, which after activation resets the Shimer Crystal skill. This practically means that you can use certain skills without waiting for the cooldown if you use it in the correct order. Additionally, her passive ability increases Cold and Skill damage and grants her a chance to become immune to Fire. Luna Snow’s ultimate freezes all enemies and accumulates True Damage for her. Upon executing Ultimate, Luna can penetrate all kinds of Defenses and she gains Damage Immunity for a 6 sec. As a leader, Luna Snow increases Speed of all allies and grant them a chance to become immune to Cold Damage.

Marvel Future Fight Quicksilver - Speed

Quicksilver – Uncanny Avengers

Quicksilver in Uncanny Avengers uniform is also known as Pietro Maximoff, twin-brother of Scarlet Witch and son of Magneto. He uses his supernatural Speed to cause deadly Physical damage and slow enemies at the same time. His super-fast metabolism enables him to regenerate at an increased rate and to accumulate True Damage regardless of the enemy’s Defenses or Dodge Rate. Passive ability increases his Dodge Rate and skill Damage. Additionally, it grants him penetration against the majority of Protections and the ability to Ignore Defenses. Quicksilver’s ultimate Stuns and slows all enemies while he is granted double damage for the next attack and Invincibility. If you choose Quicksilver to be a leader of the team, he will increase the Speed and Dodge rate of the entire team. Quicksilver does not have fancy abilities with many side effects but he is as dangerous as he is fast.

Marvel Future Fight Ant-Man - Speed

Ant-Man – Infinity War

Ant-Man in Infinity War uniform uses his ability to change size when fighting against enemies. He inflicts medium Physical Damage against entire groups of enemies by constantly changing his size and avoiding threats. His skills can Stun, Fracture and minimize opponents making them open for even more damage. During the battle, he lowers enemy stats and defenses with each strike and prepares himself for inflicting finishing strike. The passive ability has a chance to increase all of his stats after every strike, and upon activation of the Frenzy buff, his skill damage and dodge rate are significantly increased. Ant-Man ultimate transforms him into a Giant that can Stun, Slow and additionally lower defenses of all visible opponents. When he transforms into a Giant he becomes Invincible for 10 seconds and he gains a chance to Penetrate all kinds of protection avoiding enemy Dodge Rate in the process. As a leader, Ant-Man increases the Speed of all allies. Ant-Man is very interesting for game-play because his skills are well animated and funny to watch.

Marvel Future Fight Winter Soldier - Speed

Winter Soldier – Infinity War

Winter Soldier aka James “Bucky” Barnes is a former best friend of Captain America who was brainwashed by Russian scientists to become an assassin for Hydra. Infinity War uniform represents Bucky as an ally of Avengers who will give his life for mankind and his friends. He uses his mechanical arm and conventional weapons to deliver massive Physical Damage. His skills are very powerful and can increase his stats, accumulate True Damage, grant 100% increased dodge Rate for his allies as well as Damage Immunity to Bucky, and it can frighten his enemies for a considerable amount of time. Passive ability grants him Super Armor, increased health and it has a chance to ignore Defenses and enemy Dodge Rate with each attack. If you choose Winter Soldier to be a leader of your team, he will increase Physical damage of all allies for a decent amount. Winter Soldier is a true damage dealer who will show his worth immediately.

Marvel Future Fight Nick Fury - Speed

Nick Fury – Captain Marvel

Nick Fury in Captain Marvel uniform represents a young director of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is about to start a secret mission of finding Super Heroes that will protect Earth against all threats. Nick Fury has a wide array of S.H.I.E.L.D. weaponry and gadgets at his disposal, and he uses that only as a last course of action. When he is backed to the wall he is causing devastating Physical Damage as well as Shocking and Burning damage over time. He controls the battlefield with Stuns, Binds, and Smoke Bombs that increases enemy’s Missing Chance. When he calls an Air Strike, he protects all his allies with Damage Immunity for a brief period and increases all primary stats to himself. Passive ability removes all debuffs when a debuff is applied and provides additional bonuses for Hero Allies (increase damage against Super Villain, grants Super Armor to all Hero Allies as well as Immunity to Incapacitation effects). As a leader, Nick Fury buffs only Hero allies but his leader buff is probably strongest in the whole game – he increases all attack of all Hero allies by 25%! For a character without supernatural abilities, Nick Fury has more than enough resources to deal with any danger in front of him, natural or supernatural.

Marvel Future Fight Hawkeye - Speed

Hawkeye – Ronin – Endgame

Hawkeye in Ronin’s uniform is widely known as Clint Barton who decided to avenge the death of his family by destroying all criminal organizations in the World. As a young, he was a Circus attraction where he learned to use bow and arrow with such skill that he was noticed by Iron Man himself and brought to Original Avengers. His deadly shots inflict devastating Physical Damage and cause Bleeding to all enemies. He also has gadgets that protect him by granting Damage immunity and increased primary stats. By using smoke, he also increases a missing chance of anyone against him. Passive ability increases his Dodge Rate, Critical Chance and Skill damage. If you choose Ronin to be a leader of your team, he will increase the critical chance of all allies by 2%. Ronin might seem less powerful than other Super Heroes, but in combat, he proves that it is not the truth.

Marvel Future Fight X-23 - Speed

X-23 – X-Force

Cloned from Wolverine’s DNA, X-23 is a product of the infamous Weapon X program, but she soon freed herself and joined X-Men to help Mutants in their fight against Human Racists and other threats. Similar to Wolverine, X-23 inflicts enormous Bleeding Physical Damage that can bypass the enemy’s Defenses. In combat, she controls the battlefield with multiple Stuns against the most dangerous targets. Passive ability grants her Regeneration, increased stats, increased critical chance, and critical damage. As a leader, X-23 decreases the debuff duration for all allies. If you want to literally slice through opponents X-23 is the right Hero for you.

Marvel Future Fight Black Widow - Speed

Black Widow – Endgame

A former Russian super-spy, Natasha Romanova joined original Avengers after fleeing from the Russian iron grasp. In Endgame uniform, Black Widow is a fully trained and experienced assassin who combines Lightning and Physical damage against her enemies. In combat, she uses evasive maneuvers to protects herself and inflicts Shock damage over time to constantly harm the opponents. Her Martial Art techniques enable her to paralyze entire groups of enemies and grants her a chance to become Immune to all incoming Damage during that time. Passive ability increases her Dodge rate as well as Physical and Lightning damage. If you choose Natasha Romanova to be a leader of the team she will increase Speed of all allies. Black Widow’s damage output is not that great but the fact that she is almost impossible to hit makes her a safe choice for any mission.


Marvel Future Fight Captain Marvel - Universal

Captain Marvel – Endgame

Captain Marvel in Endgame uniform is the manifestation of Might and Power. Caught in Kree Energy Explosion and trained by the best Kree Warriors, Carol Danvers is the embodiment of pure positive energy. She uses her power to inflict obliterating Energy damage against all who oppose her and for the welfare of the Universe. During the combat, she can Stun, Fracture and Slow with almost all of her skills, and while doing that, she simultaneously increases her damage, her primary stats and guards self against incoming attacks. Passive ability grants her Super armor and increases the buff duration and buff potency of all effects. Captain Marvel’s ultimate summons a huge Meteor that comes out of space on unfortunate targets. That meteor causes Fear, Fracture and Stun and applies Silence on everyone on the battlefield. While summoning Meteor, Carol can ignore enemy Defenses, ignore enemy Dodge Rate, and penetrate all kinds of protections. If you choose her to be a leader of your team, Captain Marvel will significantly increase the damage output of all Energy attacks for all her allies. Captain Marvel can unleash the power that is second to none in Marvel Universe. She is definitely the most powerful hero in the Marvel Future Fight Tier List.

Marvel Future Fight Thanos - Universal

Thanos – Endgame

Mad Titan Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. His thirst for power was so great that he did everything he could to acquire all 5 Infinity Stones. Thanos in Endgame uniform is at the peak of his capabilities. He combines Physical damage, Fire damage and Bleed damage overtime to deal with enemies. The damage output of his skills is incredible and each of the skills can Stun, Paralyze, Fracture, Bind, or apply Decrease Defense on enemies. During the battle, Thanos has a chance to penetrate all kinds of defenses and to become Invincible or Immune to all Damage. His passive ability has a 25% chance to grant him Damage Immunity and Health Recovery with each attack. Additionally, it increases his Skill damage and grants him a 10% chance to ignore Defenses. Thanos’ ultimate removes all buffs and slows, stuns and frightens enemies. At the same time, Thanos gains a huge chance to penetrate all kinds of protections, becomes Invincible, and his next attack is executed with double damage. If you choose Thanos to be a leader of your team, he will increase all Attacks and all Defenses for Villain allies and also grant them decreased debuff duration. Thanos is probably stronger than Captain Marvel, but he is in second place only because he is a Villain hated by everyone.

Marvel Future Fight Thor - Universal

Thor – Endgame

Thor in Endgame uniform is an Asgardian God of Thunder who wields two most powerful weapons ever made – Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. All his skills cause incredible Lightning damage that can also Stun enemies and cause Shock damage over time. During the battle, Thor can guard himself against incoming attacks and gain Damage Immunity. Also, he can increase his primary stats and critical chance. His passive ability significantly increases Lightning damage and grants him a huge chance to penetrate all defenses. Thor’s ultimate causes devastating Shock Damage over time and decrease Lightning Resistance in the process. Upon executing ultimate, Thor gains penetration against all defenses and becomes Invincible for a brief period. As a leader, Thor increases the Lightning Resistance of all allies. Thor might not be deadly as Captain Marvel or Thanos, but he is definitely one of the strongest Heroes in Marvel Future Fight Tier List.

Marvel Future Fight Doctor Doom - Universal

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is the evil ruler of Latveria and the sworn enemy of Fantastic Four. He uses all state resources at his disposal to deliver Energy Damage to the unfortunate victims. With his skills he can Stun, Fracture, Incapacitate, Frighten and Bind entire groups of enemies while ignoring and decreasing defense at the same time. During the battle, he buffs himself with increased primary stats, accumulated true damage, Regeneration, and Invincibility. His passive ability enables him to Revive as Avatar after he dies and increases his skill damage. Additionally, he also receives a Super Armor and he is granted partial penetration against all kinds of protections. As a leader Doctor Doom removes all debuffs from all allies. Doctor Doom is one of the deadliest Villains in Marvel Future Fight Tier List.

Marvel Future Fight Ghost Rider - Universal

Ghost Panther

Ghost Panther is a King of Wakanda who made a pact with sinister forces to protect his country and its people. He combines Physical and Fire damage in dealing with opponents. His skills can Stun and cause Fire or Bleed damage over time. Ghost Panther has a chance to gain Immunity against all Damage for a brief period and can accumulate True Damage proportional to the amount of damage increased. His passive ability grants him Super Armor, huge Fire Resistance and decreased Physical Damage received. Also, it increases his Fire Damage and his damage against Super Villains while decreasing damage received at the same time. If you choose Ghost Panther to be your leader, he will increase the critical chance and fire damage of all allies. Ghost Panther is the more powerful incarnation of Black Panther and he definitely deserves his place in Marvel Future Fight Tier List.

Marvel Future Fight Victorious - Universal


Victorious aka Zora Vukovic is the national Champion of Latveria and personal bodyguard of Doctor Doom who bestowed her with cosmic powers. She relies on Energy damage and Bleed damage over time when dealing with enemies. She can also Stun and Incapacitate entire groups of opponents. During the battle, Victorious protects herself with powerful Shield and she can significantly increase her stats and even become Invincible. Her passive ability grants her increased Health, increased critical chance, and chance to penetrate all defenses. Also, it greatly increases her Critical Damage and her Dodge Rate. As a Leader, she increases the damage of all attacks for the entire team and she grants decreased damage received and increased Energy Damage to Doctor Doom. Victorious may not seem that strong but her damage output and her survivability could be one of the strongest in the Marvel Future Fight Tier List as long as she is on full Health most the time.

Marvel Future Fight Corvus Glaive - Universal

Corvus Glaive – Infinty War

Corvus Glaive is a member of Thanos’ Black Order and he is the right-hand of Mad Titan. He uses Physical and Energy Damage in dealing with adversaries, but he can also inflict Bleeding Damage over time. During the combat he summons Illusions to help him, he can increase his primary stats and also gain Immunity to all Damage. His experience in collecting tribute from unfortunate Planets taught him how to guard against most of the incoming attacks. Passive ability grants him Revive upon death and increased dodge rate and skill damage. Also, attacks and defenses of summoned illusions are greatly improved. As a leader, Corvus Glaive decreases the cooldowns for the entire team. Corvus Glaive is another Villain who fully deserved his place in Marvel Future Fight Tier List.

Marvel Future Fight Loki - Universal

Loki – Thor: Ragnarok

Loki in Thor: Ragnarok uniform is an Asgardian Trickster and naughty adopted brother of mighty Thor. As a son of King of Frost Giants, Laufey, he learned how to manipulates Ice into his own benefits. He uses Cold damage against anyone who opposes him but he also relies on Physical and Energy damage as well. His damage output is immense and he is even able to Freeze the entire groups of enemies. Loki is known as master Illusionist who can make illusions of himself with almost identical stats and those illusions guard him against incoming attacks during the combat. His passive ability increases Energy, Cold, and Skill damage significantly and it also greatly improves primary stats of summoned illusions. If you choose Loki to be the leader of your team, he will increase Mind Resistance of all allies. Loki is often underestimated but his place on Marvel Future Fight Tier List is well deserved.

Marvel Future Fight Doctor Voodoo - Universal

Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo is Sorcerer Supreme who uses his phenomenal voodoo powers to defend the world against forces of evil. Mastery in Voodoo Magic allows him to combine Physical and Energy Damage and to inflict Poison Damage over time. He can also Summon illusions, Slow the entire groups of opponents, decrease their stats, and Mind Control them. During the battle, Doctor Voodoo buffs himself with increased primary stats and Invincibility. His passive ability grants him a huge chance to decrease enemies’ attacks and gain Regeneration with each strike if enemies are under the effect of Poison. As a leader, Doctor Voodoo increases the duration of all debuff effects inflicted by any member of the team. Doctor Voodoo is the new character but his skillset is so strong that he had to be placed on Marvel Future Fight Tier List before some other characters

Marvel Future Fight Ebony Maw - Universal

Ebony Maw – Infinity War

Ebony Maw is another member of Thanos’ Black Order who is known as a master of deceit and manipulation. He has an evil tongue that spreads mischief and destruction wherever he goes and he is able to manipulate even the most powerful Super Heroes. He utilizes Physical and Energy damage in dealing with opponents but he can also Bind them and Mind Control them almost all the time. To protect himself he uses summoned illusions with a huge portion of his stats. His passive ability improves summoned illusions and additionally increases his Skill Damage and Speed. As a leader Ebony Maw significantly increases Energy Damage of all allies. As a true manifestation of Evil Power, Ebony Maw entered Marvel Future Fight Tier List before some other Heroes like Silver Surfer, Sentinel, Morgana Le Fay, Medusa etc…

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