Marvel Strike Force Tier List Best Teams

Marvel Strike Force Tier List and Best Teams Tier List, updated to version 2.4

EDIT: Every tier list is now updated to the Marvel Strike Force 3.2 patch.

MSF 2.4 update brought us new Heroes and balance changes which caused a serious impact on existing BlueMoonGame’s Tier Lists and Best Team Tier List. After careful consideration, we decided to make big changes in our lists and to promote additional teams in our Best Teams Tier List.

Some Heroes like Kingpin, Captain America and Crossbones lost their place in Tier 1 because we decided to put just leaders of Meta teams in the best tier. Kree minions are now in Tier with SHIELD minions and Ronan is moved from the last Tier to the second.

Determination of the sole value of Heroes was already hard and now it is even harder, so we tried to do our best in order to help you decide where you should put your resources first. Heroes like Ms.Marvel, Punisher, and Dr. Strange deserved their place in the best Tier because they are irreplaceable against a huge number of enemies – Punisher is great against Villains and he makes his whole team considerably more powerful, Ms.Marvel improves the value of all HERO brawlers who would otherwise be just average and Dr. Strange is the first pick against all teams who rely on a large number of buffs. Those 3 Heroes can be combined with various other Heroes and that is one of the reasons why we picked them for the best Tier in the first place. Other members of Tier 1 have already proved their value in the game and I think that I shouldn’t explain their virtues anymore. It is true that Black Widow is not important as she used to be but she is still a Hero who often decides the outcome of Blitz and Arena fight. Captain Marvel and Ultron didn’t prove their value yet but nevertheless, their skill-set is so powerful that it is impossible to place them anywhere else but in Tier 1.

Marvel Strike Force Tier List Best TeamsBest Teams Tier List has also considerably changed after the introduction of new Heroes and improved Kree. We tried to show you the best team combinations for various aspects of the game and that is the reason why we avoided to use original Meta teams whenever it is possible. We had difficulties to rank teams by their value because some teams are very strong against high-rank teams but very vulnerable against others. New Kree team is an example of what I am saying – they should be able to regularly beat the Brotherhood team but they are very weak against Defenders for example. Custom team with Kingpin, Vision, and Crossbones is great against Defenders and SHIELD in the offense, but they are very weak against Ms.Marvel/Defenders team, and against TECH team. I am mentioning the custom team because this team with some modifications (Drax, Kingpin, Crossbones, Wasp, Vision) can beat Brotherhood in the offense. Captain Marvel is introduced in Kree team and Military team. Her powers are so great and we want to pinpoint the fact that she should be acquired as soon as possible.

BlueMoonGame welcomes any suggestion and critics and we are aware that our lists may not be ideal for a lot of people. We made those lists based on our MSF experience (420 days of playing) and we will surely recognize if we need something to change. The reason we ask for your help and suggestions is that we simply want to provide the community with the best possible content considering Marvel Strike Force.

We thank you in advance for your contribution!

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