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Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based RPG made and released by FoxNext on March 28th, 2018. The goal of the game is to collect characters from Marvel Universe and use them in several game-segments where you need to fight against other MSF characters collected by other players. The game requires every day log in from a player who needs to spend energy points for clearing Campaign missions where he/she can farm shards for opening various MSF characters. Besides that, you can also participate in Arena (PVP segment where you fight against teams of other players for ranking), Blitz (semi-PVP segment where you can fight against other Blitz teams for the score), Raids (members of your alliance fights consecutive battles on pre-made Raid Map for progression), Challenges (segment where the goal is to defeat pre-made AI teams with a certain Heroes for daily rewards) and Alliance War ( segment where members of your alliance fights against teams of other MSF alliance for supremacy).

It is a highly popular mobile turn-based game with over 10 million downloads so far. BlueMoonGame features this great game and all its segments form May 10th, 2018. All MSF Characters and MSF segments are fully described and up-to-date. Also, our MSF Tier Lists and MSF Game-tools are updated regularly.

Let’s talk about our game menu a bit and what can you find in what section. Starting from the top:

  1. Home is where you’ll find news and updates about the game.
  2. Heroes section is where you can find your preferred characters and the accurate description for each and every one of them.
  3. Minions section is the same as the page above, it contains the minions instead of heroes.
  4. Guides is where you can read the tips that could help you improve your gameplay or help you if you get stuck.
  5. Tier Lists is the page dedicated to the best team you can make for each of the game modes.
  6. Tier List Builder is the tool that enables you to make your own tier list and share it with friends, alliance teammates or anyone else.
  7. Best Teams Builder has the same purpose, it enables you to make your own team and share it.
  8. Raid Maps Tool can help the Alliances make the raid map so all of the members can follow the designed path.

BlueMoonGame will continue to feature the game as long as the game exists and during that time we are open to all suggestions and desires from MSF community who can contact us either through comments or via our support.

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