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Cable is a powerful Mutant Blaster who works best with Deadpool. Cable’s first skill inflicts heavy damage and gives him charged status. When charged his second skill can damage targets who are two spaces from primary target for the moderate amount of damage. In addition, his second skill also reduces Speed Bar of all affected enemies. Cable ultimate delivers enormous damage to the single target and if Deadpool is his ally Cable gain assist from him. On the kill, both Deadpool’s and Cable’s Speed Bar is filled by 30%. Cable also has a passive ability which can provide allies with Counter. This character is very durable for the Blaster but his durability comes at the cost of his speed. Cable’s price is 45 shards but he is currently unavailable except in Cable Blitz event.

Cable is a time-traveler from the future who can manipulate turn order and charge up attacks to blast his enemies

His traits are:

Hero, Cosmic, Tech, Blaster, Mutant

His abilities are :

Plasma Rifle

Attack primary target for 100% damage + gain Charged


Attack primary target for 100% damage + change Speed Bar by -25%. Attack adjacent targets for 70% damage. If Charged, in addition, attack targets 2 spaces from primary for 70% damage, then loose Charged

Psychic Surge

(Gear TIER 3)

Attack primary target for 200% Unavoidable damage. If Deadpool is an ally, gain assist from Deadpool. On Kill, fill Cable and Deadpool's Speed Bars by 30%

Time Sense

(Gear TIER 4)

On Spawn, Self and all allies gain 5% Speed Bar


HealthTotal capability to withstand damage.68058
DamageBase damage applied to target7760
ArmorReduces incoming damage by this amount.5512
FocusCapability to apply effects to the target.1398
ResistanceCapability to resist effects.1398
Crit DamageExtra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored.130%
Crit ChanceChance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks.10%
SpeedFills speed bar and determines the order in which characters act.91
Dodge ChanceBase chance to avoid an incoming attack.0%
Block ChanceChance to block most attacks.0%
Block AmountDamage reduced when blocking.25%
AccuracyChance to hit the target with most attacks.100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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