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Who is Elsa Bloodstone?

Elsa Bloodstone is Supernatural Blaster, born in Aristocracy, who uses her shotgun to harass opponents. Her first skill inflicts minimum piercing damage but it can attack to up to 5 times in a turn. Her second skill deals medium damage to primary target but also inflicts heavy damage to most injured target ignoring Taunt or Stealth. Elsa’s ultimate grants her Offense Up for up to 2 turns and after that strikes primary and adjacent targets for a medium amount of damage. This damage is increased for every Supernatural ally in a team. Passive ability enables her to punish targets that are missed or if they dodge attacks by Elsa and her allies if she is in a team with 3 or more Supernatural allies. Also, Elsa’s Accuracy is increased depending on the number of Supernatural allies and she increases the Critical Chance to all Mystic allies. With the introduction of Elsa and Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, Mordo, and Dr. Strange gained a totally new role in the game. The Supernatural team is now the force to be reckoned with and Elsa Bloodstone is in the center of that synergy. Elsa’s price is 45 shards that be obtainable through Elsa Bloodstone’s Special Event.

Elsa Bloodstone is a monster-hunting aristocrat who powers up a Supernatural team.

Elsa Bloodstone’s traits are:

Hero, Global, Mystic, Blaster, Supernatural


Elsa Bloodstone Prva

Bloody Good Guns

Attack primary target for 35% Piercing.

Elsa Bloodstone Skilovi Prva
Elsa Bloodstone Druga

Trick Shot

Attack primary target for 100% damage. Attack the most injured enemy for 150% damage, ignoring Taunt and Stealth.

Elsa Bloodstone Skilovi Druga
Elsa Bloodstone Ultimat


Gain Offense Up. Attack primary target and adjacent targets for 110% damage.

Elsa Bloodstone Skilovi Ultimat
Elsa Bloodstone Passiva


On Miss or on ally miss, if this character has 3 or more Supernatural allies, attack that target for 70% damage.

On enemy dodge, attack that enemy for 70% damage.

Elsa Bloodstone Skilovi Passiva


Health Total capability to withstand damage. 106397
Damage Base damage applied to the target 9626
Armor Reduces incoming damage by this amount. 3991
Focus Capability to apply effects to the target. 2684
Resistance Capability to resist effects. 2246
Crit Damage Extra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored. 130%
Crit Chance A chance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks. 10%
Speed Fills a speed bar and determines the order in which characters act. 114
Dodge Chance Base chance to avoid an incoming attack. 0%
Block Chance A chance to block most attacks. 0%
Block Amount Damage reduced when blocking. 25%
Accuracy A chance to hit the target with most attacks. 100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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