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Who is Ghost Rider?

Ghost Rider is a Supernatural Brawler who mistreats his enemies with various negative effects and who will avenge the death of every ally. His first skill inflicts a medium amount of damage to the single target and applies Bleed for 2 Turns. His second skill delivers medium damage to primary and adjacent targets applying 2 Bleeds for 2 turns on each target. Ghost Rider’s ultimate deal massive damage to the single target and applies Offense and Defense Down. Additionally, Ghost Rider drains up to 200% of the damage done but after that, he loses 1 Charge. Passive ability grants 2 Ability Energy to all allies when Ghost Rider dies and enables him to deal massive damage to any target who killed one of his ally after which he is being charged with 5 Charges. Also, whenever a negative effect is applied to an enemy Ghost Rider increases Speed Bar of self and all Supernatural allies by up to 3%. Lastly, Ghost Rider increases Max Health and Focus to himself and all Supernatural allies by up to 40%. Ghost Rider is a beast who needs to be killed first or he will utterly destroy the entire enemy team as the battle progress. Combined with Elsa Bloodstone and other Supernatural Heroes or with Ms.Marvel and Brawlers he becomes unstoppable. Ghost Rider’s price is 100 shards currently available only in Offers and Devil’s Pact Orbs.

As the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider brutally inflicts damage on those who harm his allies.

Ghost Rider’s traits are:

Hero, City, Mystic, Brawler, Supernatural, Trick or Treat


Ghost Rider Prva


Attack primary target for 100% damage + apply Bleed

Ghost Rider Skilovi Prva
Ghost Rider Druga

Hell Cycle

Attack primary target for 140% damage + apply Bleed. Attack all adjacent targets for 120% damage + apply Bleed.

This attack cannot be blocked and cannot miss.

Ghost Rider Skilovi Druga
Ghost Rider Ultimat

Penance Stare

Attack primary target for 180% Piercing. If charged, this attack gains 50% Drain and lose 1 Charged.

Ghost Rider Skilovi Ultimat
Ghost Rider Passiva

Spirit of Vengeance

On Death, grant 2 Ability Energy to all Supernatural allies.

On non-summoned ally Death, attack the enemy that killed the target for 100% damage and gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5

Ghost Rider Skilovi Passiva


Health Total capability to withstand damage. 125903
Damage Base damage applied to the target 10242
Armor Reduces incoming damage by this amount. 3991
Focus Capability to apply effects to the target. 2246
Resistance Capability to resist effects. 2246
Crit Damage Extra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored. 130%
Crit Chance A chance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks. 10%
Speed Fills a speed bar and determines the order in which characters act. 127
Dodge Chance Base chance to avoid an incoming attack. 0%
Block Chance A chance to block most attacks. 0%
Block Amount Damage reduced when blocking. 25%
Accuracy A chance to hit the target with most attacks. 100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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