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Who is Kingpin?

Kingpin is a Protector who supports his team with Offense Up and Defense Up. His first skill inflicts medium damage and provides the Kingpin with a chance to gain assistance from others. His second skill summons 2 bodyguards who have taunt on themselves when summoned. Kingpin ultimate buffs his allies with both Defense Up and Offense up for 2 turns making Kingpin irreplaceable in any Arena team who have AOE damage dealers. Kingpin passive grants chance for Team Attack for any villain-hero in the team. Kingpin doesn’t have Taunt but his ability to apply Offense Up to the whole team on the beginning of the second turn in battle makes him the most important hero of any AOE based team. His price is 45 shards but which can be farmed through 6-9 Villains United campaign mission, 7-9 Nexus Campaign mission, and 8-6 Nexus campaign mission. He can also be obtained from Mega Orbs and Premium Orbs.

Kingpin is a demanding crime boss who summons bodyguards and orders allies to attack.

His traits are:

Villain, City, Skill, Protector

His abilities are:


Kingpin prva

Attack primary target for 100% damage

Crime Lord

Kingpin druga

Summon 1 Bodyguard at 100% normal damage and 100% of normal Health. Bodyguard gains Taunt on self when Summoned

Boss's Orders

(Gear TIER 3)

Kingpin ultimat

Apply Defense Up to all allies


(Gear TIER 4)

Kingpin pasiva

At the start of each Villain ally's turn, 5% chance for an ally to gain Team Attack for that turn

What are Kingpin's Stats?

HealthTotal capability to withstand damage.136116
DamageBase damage applied to the target5374
ArmorReduces incoming damage by this amount.758
FocusCapability to apply effects to the target.1502
ResistanceCapability to resist effects.1502
Crit DamageExtra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored.130%
Crit ChanceA chance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks.10%
SpeedFills a speed bar and determines the order in which characters act.75
Dodge ChanceBase chance to avoid an incoming attack.0%
Block ChanceA chance to block most attacks.0%
Block AmountDamage reduced when blocking.25%
AccuracyA chance to hit the target with most attacks.100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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