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Who is Mister Fantastic?

Mister Fantastic is a Cosmic Controller who enables assists of Namor and Fantastic Four allies on every turn. His first skill inflicts medium damage to primary target and chains to up to 3 targets. His second skill inflicts heavy damage on the single target and has a chance to apply Stun (always Stuns when fully upgraded). Mister Fantastic’s ultimate always remove Defense Up from the single target and assassinates that target for up to 450% damage. Passive Ability grants him increased Resistance and Focus and also increase Resistance of Namor and Fantastic Four allies. Additionally, Mister Fantastic grants Assist Now to Namor and Fantastic Four allies every turn and clear 1 negative effect from up to 3 random enemies.

Mister Fantastic may seem as ordinary Hero but he is actually amazing when he is combined with other Fantastic Four allies and Namor. With Mister Fantastic in a team, your Fantastic Four Heroes will assist on every turn and they will be immune to Blind which is incredible. Furthermore, no one can resist Mister Fantastic’s Defense Up removal, making Mister Fantastic ideal against Heroes like Juggernaut. Mister Fantastic’s price is 45 shards currently unobtainable.

Mister Fantastic is a Controller who uses his hyper-genius to remove positive effects from foes.

Mister Fantastic’s traits are:

Hero, Cosmic, Bio, Controller, Fantastic Four, Marvel 80th

Mister Fantastic’s abilities are:

Tensile Strength

Mister Fantastic Prva

Attack primary target for 90% damage. Chain to 1 adjacent target for 50% damage.

Counterattack breaks this Chain.

Mister Fantastic Skilovi Prva


Mister Fantastic Druga

Attack primary target for 160% damage +30% chance to apply Stun.

Mister Fantastic Skilovi Druga

Orbital Assault

Mister Fantastic ultimat

Clear Defense Up from primary target. Attack primary target for 170% damage.

Gain +100,000% Extra Focus for this attack.

Mister Fantastic Skilovi Ultimat

For Science!

Mister Fantastic Pasiva

Gain +10% Resistance. Fantastic Four and Namor allies gain +10% Resistance.

On self and each Fantastic Four ally’s turn, 25% chance to apply Assist Now to self Namor or a random Fantastic Four ally. If Assist Now is applied, clear Blind on that target.

On Turn, chose 1 random enemy. If they have a positive effect, remove 1.

Mister Fantastic Skilovi Pasiva

What are Mister Fantastic’s stats? 

Health Total capability to withstand damage. 64229
Damage Base damage applied to the target 6257
Armor Reduces incoming damage by this amount. 4712
Focus Capability to apply effects to the target. 1463
Resistance Capability to resist effects. 1756
Crit Damage Extra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored. 130%
Crit Chance A chance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks. 10%
Speed Fills a speed bar and determines the order in which characters act. 102
Dodge Chance Base chance to avoid an incoming attack. 0%
Block Chance A chance to block most attacks. 0%
Block Amount Damage reduced when blocking. 25%
Accuracy A chance to hit the target with most attacks. 100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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