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Who is Rocket Raccoon?

Rocket Raccoon is a powerful Guardian Blaster who works best when he is in a team with Groot. His first skill doesn’t inflict heavy damage but hits both primary and adjacent targets. His second skill delivers heavy damage to the primary target and has a chance to grant assistance from the ally. If Groot is his ally always grants assist and applies taunt on Groot. Rocket Raccoon ultimate deals 270% of his base damage to all enemies and grants him 2 counters but if Groot is his ally he inflicts 420% of his base damage instead. His passive ability is also very powerful and it grants 40% chance to applies 2 positive effects on 2 random allies each turn. Rocket Raccoon is very strong Blaster but he is really hard to obtain. His price is 100 shards which can be farmed only through Mega Orbs, Premium Orbs, Raid Orbs, and Raid Store. Keep in mind that sometimes his shards can also be bought in Supplies for Power Cores.

Rocket Raccoon is an aggressive scrapper who inflicts terrible damage to foes at range. Prefers to team up with Groot.

His traits are :

Hero, Cosmic, Tech, Blaster, Guardian

His abilities are :

Rocket Rifle

Rocket Raccoon prva

Attack primary target for 70% damage + adjacent targets for 50% damage

Pretty Good Plan

Rocket Raccoon druga

Attack the primary target for 80% damage. 30% chance to gain an Assist from a random ally. If Groot is your ally, also gain an Assist from Groot + apply Taunt to Groot for 1 turn

Maximum Damage

(Gear TIER 3)

Rocket Raccoon ultimat

Attack all enemies for 130% damage + gain Counter. If Groot is ally, attack all enemies for 160% damage instead

Expert Tinker

(Gear TIER 4)

Rocket Raccoon pasiva

Tech allies gain + 5% damage

What are Rocket Raccoon's stats?

HealthTotal capability to withstand damage.57849
DamageBase damage applied to the target8956
ArmorReduces incoming damage by this amount.2859
FocusCapability to apply effects to the target.1398
ResistanceCapability to resist effects.1502
Crit DamageExtra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored.130%
Crit ChanceA chance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks.10%
SpeedFills a speed bar and determines the order in which characters act.102
Dodge ChanceBase chance to avoid an incoming attack.0%
Block ChanceA chance to block most attacks.0%
Block AmountDamage reduced when blocking.25%
AccuracyA chance to hit the target with most attacks.100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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