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Spider-Man is a vicious City Brawler with a high dodge rate who can chain his attacks and stun enemies. His first skill delivers medium damage and has a 50% chance to chain up to 1 adjacent target. In addition, Spider-Man has a chance to gain Evade. His second skill also delivers medium damage and chains to up to 3 adjacent targets applying Defense Down to each target in the process. Spider-Man ultimate inflicts heavy damage and stuns the target. His passive ability grants him 20% dodge chance making Spider-Man the hero with highest dodge chance besides Vision. Spider-Man is the first hero in Marvel Strike Force for everyone and his shards can be farmed via premium orbs, blitz orbs, and blitz supplies.

He is a quick attacker that weakens opponents and evades incoming attacks.

His traits are :

Hero, City, Bio, Brawler, Spider-Verse

His abilities are:

Agile Attack

Attack primary target for 120% damage + 50% chance to chain up to 1 adjacent target for 90% damage. 30% chance to gain evade.

Spider-Man skilovi prva

Web Slinger

Attack primary target for 120% damage and chain up to 2 adjacent  get(s) for 80% damage. 25% chance to apply Defense Down to each target for 1 turn.

Tangled Web

(gear TIER 3)

Apply Stun to primary target for 1 turn + attack primary target for 140% damage


(gear TIER 4)

Gain + 5% Dodge chance

MSF Skills


HealthTotal capability to withstand damage.57849
DamageBase damage applied to target8648
ArmorReduces incoming damage by this amount.612
FocusCapability to apply effects to the target.1512
ResistanceCapability to resist effects.1398
Crit DamageExtra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored.130%
Crit ChanceChance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks.10%
SpeedFills speed bar and determines the order in which characters act.116
Dodge ChanceBase chance to avoid an incoming attack.25%
Block ChanceChance to block most attacks.0%
Block AmountDamage reduced when blocking.25%
AccuracyChance to hit the target with most attacks.100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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