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Who is The Thing?

The Thing is a Cosmic Brawler who punishes everyone who attacks him with his rocky fists. His first skill inflicts heavy damage to the single target. His second skill inflicts medium damage to the single target but grants to up to bonus attacks. The Thing’s ultimate smash the single target for up to 550% damage. Passive ability grants The Thing counter-attack whenever someone attacks him and increase Armor of Namor and other Fantastic Four allies. The Thing does not possess any special abilities but his base damage is enormous. He alone is nothing special and truth to be told his qualities are below average but when he is combined with other Fantastic Four allies he becomes a killing machine. The Thing’s price is only 15 shards currently available through Earth’s Finest Orbs and Clobberin’ Time Orbs.

The Thing is a rocky Brawler who deals massive damage to single targets.

The Thing’s traits are:

Hero, Cosmic, Bio, Brawler, Fantastic Four, Marvel 80th

The Thing’s abilities are:

Knuckle Sandwich

The Thing Prva

Attack primary target for 100% damage.

The Thing Skilovi Prva

Pummeling Stone

The Thing Druga

Attack primary target for 130% damage. Bonus Attack for 70% damage.

The Thing Skilovi Druga


The Thing Ultimat

Attack primary target for 260% damage.

The Thing Skilovi Ultimat

It’s Clobbering’ Time

The Thing Pasiva

When attacked, attack that enemy for 50% damage.

The Thing Skilovi Pasiva

What are The Thing’s stats? 

Health Total capability to withstand damage. 92774
Damage Base damage applied to the target 9615
Armor Reduces incoming damage by this amount. 4497
Focus Capability to apply effects to the target. 1463
Resistance Capability to resist effects. 1756
Crit Damage Extra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored. 130%
Crit Chance A chance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks. 10%
Speed Fills a speed bar and determines the order in which characters act. 86
Dodge Chance Base chance to avoid an incoming attack. 0%
Block Chance A chance to block most attacks. 0%
Block Amount Damage reduced when blocking. 25%
Accuracy A chance to hit the target with most attacks. 100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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