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Welcome to Marvel Strike Force Heroes page. This is the full description of MSF War Machine stats, skills and abilities.

Who is War Machine?

War Machine is a mechanized soldier who helps Avengers with his guided missiles, cluster bombs, and auto-target minigun. His first skill shreds primary and adjacent targets for a medium amount of damage and applies Offense Down on the primary target. His special ability bombards primary and adjacent targets for the small amount of damage up to 3 times. If Iron Man is War Machine’s ally, War Machine bombards targets one additional time. War Machine ultimate unleashes a package of cluster bombs on all enemies making heavy damage on each target and inflicting additional damage per Hero ally. Passive ability grants him additional damage and increased Critical Damage if Iron Man is allied. Also, War Machine has a chance (100% on maximum rank) to apply Taunt on enemies whose Health is below 50%. War Machine is a typical blaster whose only purpose is to hurt anyone who opposes him. His main strength is his ultimate which is the second strongest AOE in the game (next to Crossbones) if War Machine is allied with 4 Hero characters. Other than that he is an average Hero at best. It remains to be seen how he will influence Alliance Wars since he will have increased damage for that segment of the game. War Machine’s price is 45 shards and he can be obtained through Premium Orbs, offers, events, and War Machine blitz.

War Machine is an armored soldier who uses an arsenal of weapons to bombard his foes. More powerful in Alliance Wars.

War Machine’s traits are:

Hero, Global, Tech, Blaster, Avenger, Power Armor

War Machine’s abilities are:



Attack primary and adjacent targets for 60% damage.


Missile System


Attack primary and adjacent targets 2 times for 20% Piercing.

If Iron Man is an ally, attack 1 additional time.


Cluster Bombs


Attack all enemies for 190% damage.

Damage is increased by 30% per HERO ally.


Integrated Targeting


Gain +5% Damage.

If Iron Man is an ally, gain +10% Crit Damage.


What are War Machine’s Stats?

Health Total capability to withstand damage. 64228
Damage Base damage applied to the target 8031
Armor Reduces incoming damage by this amount. 5695
Focus Capability to apply effects to the target. 1463
Resistance Capability to resist effects. 1463
Crit Damage Extra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored. 130%
Crit Chance A chance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks. 10%
Speed Fills the speed bar and determines the order in which characters act. 100
Dodge Chance Base chance to avoid an incoming attack. 0%
Block Chance A chance to block most attacks. 0%
Block Amount Damage reduced when blocking. 25%
Accuracy A chance to hit the target with most attacks. 100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 13, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

We hope that you enjoyed the description of MSF Hero War Machine. For detailed information about other MSF Characters check our MSF Heroes page.

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