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Marvel Super War Tier List – Beta test

Marvel Super War beta test servers are down and it is time to wrap things down. First of all, I have to say the game looks amazing and you can check the Marvel Super War Early Review – article, where you can find what we think of the game in general.

Our goal is to feature Marvel Super War content on Bluemoongame platform, with news, hero guides and Tier Lists such as this. We like the game, we see the potential and we want for it to succeed. This doesn’t mean we‘re turning a blind eye on the issues this game has. And though the issues discussed in this article may come up as negative, I want to be absolutely clear, I think the game is well made and is the best (possibly the only one?) representations of Marvel heroes in a MOBA title, with skills designed in such way you can feel like controlling said heroes. NetEase remained true to the Marvel Universe as much as they could wich we should respect and appreciate.

Before I continue to talk about hero/balance specifics, here is the Marvel Super War Tier List that shows the essence of our experience during the beta.

Marvel Super War Tier List BetaThis is where I get to talk about balance, Heroes, their strengths/weaknesses, and the issues we found to stick out. So yes, the tone of this topic may sound a bit negative, but in order to improve and be the best it can be, it has to survive at least some controlled criticism.

To start off let’s go over some general aspects of the game with some small issues.

3 and 4 skill Heroes

I Like this part of the game design. It adds to a variety, mix up strategy and overall it makes the game more dynamic. Some heroes spike at lvl 4, some spike at level 6, this adds an interesting tactical element. However, it increases the difficulty of balancing the game. This is not something solvable with one swoop, instead, it has to be constantly worked on during the life of the game. So, I like the effects of this system on the gameplay, but there is a concern it may have some unforeseen consequences. This requires constant-special attention and delicate touch in order to balance it well. And there are very few dev-teams capable of executing such balance… Let’s hope NetEase is one such team.

Amount of stats gained per level

  1. This one is crucial and really hope I manage to explain this as clearly as possible.
    NetEase managed to come up with an exceptional character/hero design that is both unique and enjoyable to play.
  2. This “uniqueness” created “rock-paper-scissors” effect where one hero is an effective counter to the other (for example, War Machine is a very powerful hero, but Star-Lord is a strong counter to him). This by itself is not a bad thing.
  3. The power of one hero is determined by his skill-set and the amount of stats acquired. And here is the core of the issue:

-Stats are gained by level-ups and items. Both of these categories depend on performance in the lane, which is fine.
-The problem is the amount of stats you get by just winning one early game trade. If you manage to push out the enemy, or the jungler come to assist, losing side become effectively useless against an opponent for the rest of the game, that is until reaching the maximum level (18) and full build.
From the example already used, Star-Lord is an effective counter to War Machine. War Machine is weak against highly mobile targets that can move across large space and deal damage at the same time, effectively avoiding rockets from his ultimate. Star-Lord is a hero just like that. The problem is if War Machine gets just slightly ahead in the early game, it’s not that Star-Lord will be less effective, but the problem is he won’t be able to even challenge W.M.
The “Snowball” effect is extremely strong, in fact, it is so strong that the amazing design of hero and their abilities are greatly diminished in value, because as things stand now it is only important “who gets faster to level 2, 4 and 6, at which point the matchup is almost over.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a valid way of balancing the game, I just think that such a good work done on the design part should not go to waste because of poor stat balance.
To be clear, this issue needs just some slight adjustments and not an overhaul.
Suggestion: Reduce the gold reward for killing blow to the minion, currently seem to be roughly 50% more gold, and I ‘d say it should be in the ballpark of 20-30% maximum. To retain the same overall gold income, base income can be increased. Additionally, this type of change will allow for the more cooperative game, whereas now players won’t spend all of their time farming like they are doing it now.

The third and final general issue is how the game looks

Yes, it has a ridiculous number of graphical details. I love that about MSW. However, and it is a big “however”, the amount of processing power takes away and thus the amount of battery life is significant.
I don’t know how much of an issue it will be (two out of three from the team ware playing on the same type of the phone, Xiaomy Pocophone F1 and both of us noticed it heat’s up and it eats the battery. In all honesty, this may be on our part, we could have reduced the quality, but in the past Pocophone managed to deal with most other games without any effort).

Side-issue, if the issue at all, to me personally is the way walls looks like in the jungle.
About this, I cannot say with certainty if this is an issue or not, because maybe I just got used to some other game, but in Marvel Super War I found the movement through the jungle to be awkward. Not sure what is the main problem. Was it the camera location, the walls, or the grass/brush design. Something was messing with my perception when running through the jungle.
If this was something you, the reader, have experienced let me know in the comment section below. I ‘d like to collect as much useful feedback as possible.


Marvel Super War ThorThor. Overall we liked the way Thor plays out, has a great skill-set to do the job he needs to be doing, but we noticed one thing when playing against him: when he wants to engage with his main ability, he starts to charge-up, and a big red circle appears around him. Even a blind person can see he is about to engage, and this is an issue. There is absolutely no-one that will be surprised by his Engage, everyone will be well on their way to get out. The initiation without at least a small element of a surprise is not really an initiation. Basically, toning down the graphical appearance of this ability charge-up should enhance Thor’s effectiveness in combat.

Marvel Super War - War MachineWar Machine. Thou personally I am a great fan of artillery type – heroes, War Machine’s ultimate ability is way too strong. One of two things is too much, either the number of shots able to pull off or the cooldown. My bet is the cooldown of the ability, 20 sec on the last level, reduced by 40% CDR from items, it is 12 seconds… this is nothing for the ability with such a huge impact. As it stands, it is waste if we spend energy on the rest of the skills, instead just use ultimate, relocate and use it again.
So the main reason why War Machine is Top Tier on our Marvel Super War Tier List is that we feel he’s ultimate is broken.

Marvel Super War AngelWhile playing all of us had a concern about Angel. The hero seems to perform extremely well in everyone hands, having 15+ kills was a regular occurrence. Our sample of games with, or against, Angel was significant, and I can’t pinpoint exactly what is causing the disbalance, but I feel like there is something to be done about this hero, just not sure what (one should be careful when changing squishy hero that needs to dive in).


We felt like Black Dwarf needed some attention/buffs, at this stage not sure what should be done about it. What is certain, he lacks an impact. This may also be said for Black Widow and Rocket Raccoon but to less extent than Black Dwarf.

Even with the issues game has, Marvel Super War seems to be the hottest commodity on the MOBA market right now and rightfully so. We hope it has a huge success and we all have a lot of fun playing it.