[Updated for version 3.3.95 Ancient One]

Welcome to the Marvel Super War Tier List page. Use filters to choose tier, class or hero difficulty and click on the image to get more information.


NOTE: In this part of the text we will provide a short explanation about the tier list concept, what it is and how it is used. To see all heroes placement in the tier list, use the filter at the top of the page and then click on the image to get more information about the hero.

This list consists of 4 tiers which are simply named Tier 1, 2 3, and 4 for easier understanding. Best characters at the current patch, some of them called OP (short for overpowered) characters are placed in Tier 1, making it top tier. As the power of the character diminishes, they are placed in the list in descending order, making Tier 4 the bottom tier.

  • Tier 1 – currently best and most powerful characters in the game

    • Thanos
    • Ghost
    • Captain America and several others (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 1 heroes)
  • Tier 2 – second best tier of characters in the game

    • Yondu
    • War Machine
    • Storm and others (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 2 heroes)
  • Tier 3 – low performing MSW characters

    • Loki
    • Groot
    • Iron Man and others (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 3 heroes)
  • Tier 4 – worst MSW heroes tier in the game

    • Deadpool
    • Cloak and Dagger
    • Blade (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 4 heroes)

Ancient One

Ancient One is Energy Damage Fighter, whose specialties are initiating fights and high mobility. Her passive, Sorcerer Supreme, lets her deal additional AoE damage when some of her skills are on cooldown. Also, it fills up her energy bar which will empower her abilities once it’s full. Tao Mandala is her main damaging tool, and it lets her poke her enemies while also providing a shield for Ancient One. Illusion Shift lets her blink in the specified direction which allows her to swiftly reposition herself during combat. Astral Projection serves as damage reducing ability while also allowing Ancient One to stun her enemies or scout ahead from a safe distance if needed. Lastly, her ultimate, Inter-Dimensional Travel allows her to gain vision of the entire enemy team, as well as to swap places with one of the enemy heroes. This is an invaluable tool for both scouting and initiating fights.


He is a caster/support type of hero specialized in time manipulation and dealing large amounts of AoE damage. His passive allows him to evade damage when his HP gets too low, which is very helpful in many situations. Time manipulation grants Doctor Strange the ability to reverse time, and it’s usable on both allies and enemies. Bolts of Balthakk are his primary damage tool, and this skill is great for poking enemies and clearing minion waves. Inter-Dimensional Portal is perhaps his most interesting ability. It creates a portal gateway anyone can use to travel to the other side after a brief delay. It also allows abilities to travel through, so it opens up a lot of possibilities and combos. Sorcerer Supreme is huge damage AoE, perfectly suited for team fights.


He is one of the most unique marksmen in the game. Unlike every other marksman, his basic attack is considered a special ability, and the attack speed stat grants him damage, which makes his playstyle vastly different. Also, he is able to move while attacking with his Yaka Arrow, and since the range of it is very long, he can safely harass his opponents. When you also consider the fact that his Ravager Kick not only removes all control effects from Yondu, but also knocks nearby enemies back, it is extremely difficult to catch him off guard. To top things off, his ultimate is great for finishing off low health targets.


This tank/support has the potential to turn the tides of battle in his favor. His passive allows him to stay healthy while also boosting his movement speed. His normal abilities can be used both as a wave clear and as harassing tools. Since none of these have any cost, you can constantly harass your enemies and poke them at the safe distance. However, his ultimate is what really makes him shine. It can be used as a zoning tool, and it can also easily isolate one target of your choosing. Well placed ultimate can really turn the tides in your favor and place your team at a significant advantage.


Everything about this hero spells: “Mobility”. Ghost is definitely one of the most mobile Assassins in Marvel Super War. Pretty much all of her skills enhance her mobility in one way or another while also serving an additional purpose. Thanks to her Quantum Positioning, she can slow her enemies, set up ganks, and even escape sticky situations. Her Quantum Shuttle allows her to pass through terrain and becomes untargetable. Lastly, her Quantum Field not only provides her with invisibility but also allows her to move through terrain and reset the cooldown on her Quantum Positioning, which opens up a lot of possibilities. The downside is that she is one of the hardest heroes to master, but in the hands of a skilled player, she can spell a disaster for the enemy team.


The Mad Titan is definitely one of the most interesting heroes in Marvel Super War. His trait grants him damage shield after not taking damage for a while, which is great for dueling enemies. Cosmic Power allows him to slow enemies and deal a good amount of damage, as well as to knock them back. Titan Rage slows down the enemies and enhances Thanos’ next attack to deal bonus damage and knock enemies up. Titan Strike serves as his mobility tool, while Infinity Gauntlet allows Thanos to upgrade his normal abilities whenever he learns it. Also, he can use this Ultimate to deal massive damage that scales with enemy’s missing HP. All in all, there are a lot of different ways you can upgrade your skills, which opens a lot of possibilities. Find Thanos tier list placement at the top of the page.


Iron Man has a very offensive set up with a huge attack and a lot of AoE skills, enabling him to quickly dispatch waves of minions, and making him a good choice to play in lane. His passive has a huge potential, if used properly, against both minions and enemy heroes – huge range of the passive ability can be used to hit the backline of the enemy team, or even finish off fleeing heroes.


Emma is a very versatile assassin, which besides very good DPS and mobility that are the trademarks of this class, also has some, limited control. With her S1, she can gain a vision of the target for several seconds, enabling her to hunt down the prey, and prevent low health enemies from escaping. Emma has some AoE skills, so he’s able to hit multiple opponents at once, which is somewhat uncommon for an assassin.


Ronan is a support tank with a lot of control skills, and they work very well in combination with his Hero Trait that grants him some bonuses to shield and the next basic attack whenever he stuns or knocks up the enemies. His Ulti can be charged for improved damage and range, opening some interesting options when using this guy. Ronan somewhat lacks mobility, since he’s only able to gain a short speed burst. Use filters at the top of the page to find Ronan position it the Marvel Super War tier list.


Sandman is an offensive tank that also has nasty control skills. When playing this hero good timing and creativity can significantly improve your score. With good timing, and careful use of passive Sandman can increase his size, attack range, and also improve the knock-up time on his ultimate, making it a very powerful tool for disabling enemies. Using terrain can be very beneficial since Flying Sands is a much more potent ability if you manage to slam the enemy into the wall.


Captain America is very versatile, highly mobile and offensive, with a solid amount of control. His passive is a very important part of his skill set, as it can be used to open up an engagement, chase down fleeing heroes, or escape unfavorable situations, making him good at skirmishing and team fights. With the ability to heal himself while also punishing the opponent, and the Ultimate that further enhances his main traits, (DPS, control, and mobility) Captain America is truly a force to be reckoned with.


Spider-Man is an extremely mobile assassin, and even his passive is created with this mind. This hero should be constantly on the move, charging his passive, and using his superior mobility and Spidey Senses to locate and engage targets at the most favorable moment. Spiderman can work very well alongside heroes that can stun since he can almost instantly reach any stunned opponent and rip him apart with his high DPS. Find Spider-man it the Marvel Super War tier list at the top of the page.


Ant-Man has two forms, tiny and huge, that can be used according to the situation. His passive requires good positioning and timing, and it can be truly devastating in team fights, especially if you manage to hit multiple heroes. When shrunk in size, Ant-Man becomes untargetable, enabling him to disengage and, hopefully, run away when at disadvantage. When entering the huge form, Ant-Man gains a significant boost both offensively and defensively, while also launching nearby enemies in the air, so activating this skill while in the middle of the enemy team can produce some very good results.


Heimdall is a very tanky character, that has some offensive capability, but somewhat lacks mobility. He is a very good team player since he can periodically reveal a complete map for a short duration with his passive. Besides that, all allies can benefit from the effects of his divine force field, and consecrated ground. Heimdall can also take a lot of punishment making him a perfect choice for frontlines, and becomes highly resistant to frontal damage while Gatekeeper is active.


Beast has very limited control abilities. However, he has huge offensive potential, that can be used to directly improve his survivability. He has extremely powerful basic attacks that improve his movement speed, and also restore his health, so the basics are a very important part of his skill set. During the period of control, immunity Beast can be very hard to deal with, so timing the use of this skill is very important. Scroll to the top to find Beast it the Marvel Super War tier list.


Human Torch focuses on powerful fire skills and good mobility combined with solid control abilities to eliminate his foes. His Trait, by itself, only marks the enemy with spark, but it’s very important to use the basic attack and apply the mark, since it increases the damage from Fiery Cage, and enables the use of Flames of Rage. With a lot of AoE control abilities and solid DPS, Human Torch can be quite effective in team fights.


The Thing is a Tank, that is almost completely focused on controlling his opponents, enabling the allied damage dealers to do their thing (pun intended). This guy can take tons of punishment, especially if he can manage to hit several enemy heroes with the Quake skills since this would grant an equal number of shielding effects. The Thing has several ways of quickly closing the distance with the enemy while also applying some nasty debuffs, so he should be the one that initiates team fights.


Blade mostly focuses on his basic attack to deal the most of his damage, and heal his wounds through life steal. He can use Shadowless Edge as a defensive tool, to become untargetable for a few seconds and avoid some very dangerous skills. Blade is great at hunting down low health heroes, due to his Killer Instinct, that reveals all low health enemy heroes, and enables Blade to quickly strike the opponent while also slowing him down. When enraged, this character becomes an almost unstoppable primal force, and in these situations, it would be wise to disengage and run away from him, until the rage dies expires.


Angel is a marksman with the ability to dive into the enemy back-line, burst them down, and potentially a decent tank-killer. Angel is somewhat prone to crowd control, but, on the flip side he can dish out an enormous amount of damage. In order to capitalize on his strength, the player must be a good decision-maker, able to recognize the right moment to dive in and unleash hell. Use tier list filter to find Angel’s place it the Marvel Super War tier list.


He is a control tank, obviously created with the idea of engaging the enemy team. However, the execution of that idea was not perfect, and it seems that there are some flaws in his character design. The most obvious drawbacks of this character are the slow animation speed and the narrow radius of Skill 1. I feel like there is a lot of potential in this hero, but he’ll need some polishing before we can make a final judgment.


A melee assassin and, like all other melee assassins, he is highly dependant on being ahead in farm and waiting for the perfect moment to enter a team fight. When playing Black Panther, wait for the allies to distract the opponents, before entering their back-line and wreaking havoc upon squishier characters.


Black Widow’s main selling point is her ability to delete the back-line squishies. However, without good disengage/escape mechanics (outside of Blink) Black Widow may often find herself in trouble if she doesn’t manage to kill the target with her combo. The second issue with the Black Widow is that she has only one mobility skill and it’s useless if she misses the target. Just like the Black Panther, it feels like Black Widow is heavily dependant on stats and thus she will be sensitive to buffs/nerfs. Scroll to the top to check Black Widow’s position it the Marvel Super War tier list.


Her’s power level seems to be fairly balanced compared to other MSW heroes. However, she has some unusual issues. Captain Marvel’s skill set is made for dealing damage, but she has to be built tankier, otherwise, she won’t last long enough to do her job.


One of the best healers in the game and maybe the only one that can restore the energy of her allies. Although she is one of the best healers, Cloak & Dagger is lacking any impact outside of that specialized role. With some better damage scaling and reduced delay on skill 3, Cloak and Dagger could be a way more balanced.


On his own may not be that great, but in the well-organized team, this control-oriented bruiser will shine. Apart from being good control and target selection bruiser, Corvus Glaive packs some nice sustain and “cheat death” mechanic. In teams that lack coordination and basic teamwork, Corvus Glaive will have a hard time, and won’t be very successful.


He is a wacky half marksman half bruiser that is able to do anything. Dive and control? He can do it. Disengage and poke from the range? He can do that as well. The sheer amount of Deadpool’s versatility is staggering. I realize the point of tier list should not be about fun, but the fact that other players are unable to find your number of deaths is hilarious and useful as well (nobody can cite the number of your deaths as the point for their poor argument… ). The number showing your death’s score is rewritten by Deadpool’s hand to permanently represent 0… which makes him unkillable… sort of. Use filters at the top of the page to check Marvel Super War tier list positions.


One of the most interesting support heroes. With the ability to attach himself to both enemies and allies, Ebony Maw’s skills will change depending on whom he is attached to. While this is interesting and engaging gameplay, and the fun factor is definitely present, it lacks a significant impact.


The Executioner is a true manifestation of unstoppable force. After reaching the full stack of his passive, Executioner becomes extremely hard to deal with. In general, however, the way to deal with him is simple… avoid facing him head-on in prolonged face-to-face fights. If the Executioner isn’t allowed to stack-up the passive, he becomes severely hampered, and unable to stick to his intended target(no speed buffs), thus becoming a less relevant factor on the battlefield. So the bottom line is, when faced against people that know how to counter/avoid Executioner, he can be (relatively) easy to deal with. However, against players that aren’t aware of his skill set, the Executioner can seem like an unstoppable force.


Every MOBA has a “hook-and-control” type of character. In Marvel Super War Groot plays that role. Aside from control abilities like Skill 2 and the ultimate, Groot is fairly unique among Marvel Super War heroes due to his passive. When killed, he is not actually dead, instead, you control small Groot, invulnerable to damage and control, but unable to do anything except for movement and emote. While he’s in this form, Groot is far from useless, since he still provides a vision to the allies, therefore the player can scout brushes and provide vision over the inaccessible area. When the time to revive comes, respawning takes place at the spot that Groot is currently occupying and not in the base, thus eliminating long walks and waste of time, XP and gold. On the downside, Groot’s ultimate can be easily avoided, thus eliminating lots of his team-fighting potential.


While he is a fairly straightforward character, Hawkeye is very effective and extremely hard to deal with as an opponent. The core of his strength comes from passive, that provides increased attack and vision range, while at the same time enabling this sharpshooter to see the silhouettes of the enemy heroes that are hiding in a brush/invisible. On the top of the ability to see the incoming gank and to shoot from the longer range than any other marksmen, his safety is increased even more with the ultimate that enables him to jump backward and slow-down the enemy. On top of everything, Hawkeye can also dramatically increase his own attack speed making him a true marksman power-house.


He is an engaging, front-line, control-based, tank/bruiser. A target that gets caught by Hulk is as good as dead, because he’s able to control it significantly longer than most other heroes, while also dealing tons of damage (removes a percentage of the target’s HP), so even tanks will be in serious trouble if caught by Hulk. On top of that, the final toss will throw the target behind the Hulk (which usually means closer to your team). Overall, Hulk has everything that is needed to play the front line bruiser, and he is great in that role.


The usefulness of Iceman spans from being insanely overpowered to completely useless. It all depends on the player’s ability to play it safe and select targets from a distance, but the rest of the team has to be able to group up and conduct team fights. In solo situations, Iceman can poke… and that is pretty much it. It is in skirmish and team fights that Iceman and his ability to control start to shine. This may prove to be problematic in solo queue, but that was always the case with control mages that lack escape/mobility options. All in all, Iceman is heavily dependant on his allies.


Jubilee is an assassin/mage type of hero with great burst damage and even better mobility. She has everything that is needed to do the job and then some more. When her combo is perfectly executed, she can burst down even some tanks. Although she has a high skill ceiling, Jubilee isn’t overly unforgiving if there are a few missteps. She is a perfect character to pick as your main, able to carry teams, not so unforgiving of mistakes (unlike Proxima Midnight), and yet there is always room for improvement.


Highly mobile, strong single target and AoE, ability to poke/harass, ability to escape and the ability to control a large area. Simply put, Lady Sif has it all, and she is one of the most complete heroes available. Her toolkit is interesting and has a lot of potential for outplaying. However, most of her strengths come from straight-up high numbers, especially her normal attacks that are super strong, on top of already powerful abilities.


A control mage and a supreme trickster, Loki can pull off some ridiculous plays by masking himself into a minion, a jungle creep or some other character. The potential for mind games is staggering. Loki packs some nice consistent damage within his skill 3 and great control asset in skill 2. On top of everything, the simplicity and strength of his ultimate make Loki an opponent to be reckoned with. His one potential weakness is the lack of escape tools outside of Blink, which makes him an easy to burst down the target, early on.


He is one of the strongest AoE heroes. There is a small vacuum effect when he turns on the ultimate, which provides enough time to get close enough and deal a tremendous amount of area damage. If most of the fighting is going on in the jungle or some other narrow corridor, Magneto will be at the top of his game.


She is very good support, able to control the enemy, and also heal and buff her allies. Besides that, she can see an enemy in the brush which greatly increases her, and her lane-partner safety. The downside of this hero is a heavy reliance on a laning partner and a team, but hey, that’s the case with most support heroes in almost every MOBA.


He is a very powerful initiation tank/bruiser. The ability to control, solid mobility, and, for a certain amount of time, immunity to normal attacks, all of these pieces fit perfectly together into the role of initiating fights and being equipped to deal with the consequences of standing in the middle of the enemy team. Check his place at MSW tier list at the start of the page.


Playing Proxima Midnight, to the best of her abilities, is probably one of the most difficult challenges in Marvel Super War. The skill ceiling is extremely high, but so is the minimum skill required to play her at a decent level. There is no doubt that she will be one of the favorites among top-level players. When ahead in the farm, she is a terror for the opponents, but if she falls behind ever so slightly… she is as good as dead. Basically, she swings in one direction(strong or weak), and she swings hard.


There aren’t many heroes across the MOBA game genre that can ruin their own teams as much as Quicksilver can ruin his allies. It all comes down to his ultimate, which affects the allies as well as the opponents. However, when properly used, he becomes one of the most powerful heroes.


From my point of view, Rocket Raccoon is a perfect example of one specific problem, namely the level-based stat progression. This issue is visible on Rocket Raccoon more so than on all other heroes. For Rocket Raccoon the game is decided in the first few levels. To an extent, this is the case with most heroes, but Rocket Raccoon is just a perfect case, that can be used to further explore this issue.


She is a very simple and extremely effective 3 skill character. Her skill 1 deals a massive amount of damage and she can flatten almost entire enemy team when combining this with her ultimate. She packs additional protection against melee enemies in skill 2. Scarlet Witch is probably one of the best heroes to main when starting the game. Use filters at the top to find her in MSW tier list.


He is a marksman in a very loose interpretation of that word. While he is ranged hero, most of the Star-Lords damage comes from Skill 1 and the Ultimate, while skill 3 provides some very unique “fly-by-shooting” playstyle. Due to his Abilities and scaling from both attack speed and damage it is obvious why Star-Lord’s early game is lackluster. However, if the player can manage to stay out of harm’s way and farm safely, this Guardian of the Galaxy will have the potential to turn the tide of the battle. When played properly, your Star-Lord can be almost Unstoppable.


She is a long-range harass/poke mage. She can stay back and punish enemies from a distance and, if they get close to the minions, the chain lightning damage is unavoidable. Because of her range, it is not easy to engage the Storm, and the longer she remains free to harass the more powerful she becomes. Once a target’s HP is low enough, Storm can take advantage of her ultimate that deals more damage based on targets missing health. Storm’s toolkit is simple and yet effective, which makes her fun and (relatively) easy to play the hero.


Thor is, by all means, a well-made hero, with good design and a well-defined role, but there’s a catch. His ability to initiate a fight is hampered by the graphic design of his main engage ability. In essence, as soon as you see the red circle starting to spread from his position, fall back, and most of the time you’ll be fine. It is like everyone is given a huge warning “Thor is about to do his thing, fall back”. When playing Thor, catching someone off guard is virtually impossible, at least until we see some changes to this skill. Thor place in MSW tier list can be found at the top of the page.


War-Machine is a marksman class hero, but he is far more effective in the mid-lane. His main strength is the ultimate, making him more reliant on this ability instead of normal attacks. This is the reason why War-Machine is played like physical damage caster instead of marksman, and why the attack speed/crit rating is inferior to pure attack damage items.

Thank you for checking out our Marvel Super War Tier List! Have fun!