MaskGun Multiplayer FPS – Free Shooting Game Tips And Tricks

MaskGun is a first person, front, and free shooting game, with its genre being interpreted freely and differently by virtually any site featuring it. Its creators, June Gaming, present it as a front person shooter and a mid-core multiplayer game, so let’s go with that. It is a real-time shooting extravaganza build for mobile devices that has quite the following, as the game has an excellent 4.3-star rating on GooglePlay, with over 80% of the votes giving it 5 stars and it is derived from over 5 million downloads. The game has an ever higher 4.4-star rating in the App Store, so let’s check out why the fans love it and what rules apply so far in terms of general tips and tricks.

June Gaming

As if things couldn’t get any weirder this shooter is an indie developer’s baby, as June gaming is a story about 3’ guys, a dog and a dream’ as they put it on their official site. Their first game called TapToLearn reached Top 25 highest grossing games in 2010, the year it came out, and June Gaming has over 140 million downloads in both the App Store and GooglePlay. They are also behind such titles as Chhota Bheem, Road Riot, Motu Patlu, Tower Conquest, and MaskGun earned them an NDGC Game of the Year in 2016.

A Guide for Beginners

Generally, this game is not hard to pick up, just as any other FPS. But, unlike most big ones in the genre, like PUBG or Fortnite, MaskGun doesn’t have auto aim. In fact, this game just recently released an update in January 2019, and they still refused to join up on the noob friendly wagon of auto-aim cripple crowd. The update did bring new weapons, like the AK5 rifle that is already being called out as OP all over the web, DP12 shotgun, Killshot Sniper, Charley Sniper, a new Santa Factory map and more.

The standard weapon rotation any FPS game usually respects is the following:

  • The shotgun is strong at short range, meaning you should use it in close quarters, buildings and corridors. You won’t do much with a shotgun outdoors or in large warehouses.
  • Automatic rifles excel at mid-range combat, in buildings with large rooms like warehouses and outside if your opponent is reachable. It is best not to hold down the fire button for the recoil and to fire one or two consecutive shots to ensure maximum precision.
  • Sniper rifles are naturally only for long-range combat and are not to be used inside buildings or in close quarter combat. Finding a safe spot, i.e. a nest, from which you can observe the enemy and snipe them is the key to having a maximum benefit out of it.

Tips and Tricks

MaskGun Yard Map seems to have a part with a long metal staircase, which puts the player neither on the highest or the lowest ground and gives you plenty of cover with its metal bars but leaves you enough gaps to fire from. Taking up this position with a mid-range automatic rifle, such as the new AK5, can get you ahead really fast.

How To Level Up Fast?

MaskGun leveling guides are not particularly descriptive, but basically, the game has two leveling systems. One is your experience level, located above your name, and the other one is the rank level. As far as experience goes, Bomb Defusal maps yield the highest experience rating apparently. Death Match is quicker and Team Deathmatch is more fun with friends, but Bomb Defusal is apparently good for exp grinding.

Bomb Defusal match wins with 3-2 or loss with 2-3 yields the highest experience out of any other mode, if the experts are to be trusted.


Deathmatch, however, will yield more rank points but you need to keep winning and in order to do that you need to be good and have a good weapon. Anyone of the new ones will do if you practiced with it. Deathmatch will usually yield double the rank points compared to the EXP, or even more.

Team Deathmatch yields a balanced pool of experience and rank points, but it is the slowest way to progress in rank.

How to Snipe?

In MaskGun your sniper fires after you release the fire button, so in order to get really quick with your shots, you need to be flawless at 3 things:

  • Knowing the map
  • Tagging the enemy
  • And not giving your position away

Your snipe scope needs to move fast and you need to have an almost intuitive feeling of tagging enemies. If you do, then it is just a matter of firing the shot at the same instant your enemy is in the crosshair, which is why you need to hold down the fire button while you aim. Letting it go is quicker than pressing and letting go, and you will save over 50% of the time that way. Finally, after tagging and firing, if you are not safely tucked in your nest, move out of the spotlight until you reload and get another chance. Also, do not fire on an enemy immediately. Sometimes it is good to learn someone’s pattern of movement and wait a bit, before dropping him.


MaskGun Gold and Diamonds

In short, there isn’t an easy way to get gold or diamonds. There are countless hacks and other similar shady tools offered all over the web, with small downloadable files for your mobile device, but if you download them you condemn your device and your data to death. Do not use any hack and do not download any third party tool for the game, no matter how someone advertises it or says it works. Play the game and progress on your own. This is the safest and most fun way you can play it and have a rewarding experience on the way. Having everything immediately defeats the purpose of playing, although you can purchase some expensive guns for real money if you are that much into being overpowered at the start.