OnceLost Games - New RPG in the making

Massive open-world RPG in the works by original creators of Elder Scrolls

OnceLost Games is a developing studio comprised of two generations of veteran developers and gaming experts who brought us Elder Scrolls. Some of their creative and enthusiastic individuals worked for Bethesda in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s and are directly responsible for some of our favorite titles from the franchise. Now, these people have all teamed up in an indie studio set up and are working on something delightful for all of us…

“We’re hard at work on our debut role-playing game title, which will be a massive open-world fantasy adventure, and will boast revolutionary technology and game design by some of the most celebrated veterans of computer gaming, who have created multiple Game of the Year-winning titles. We’ll have an exciting announcement by the end of the year, so to stay tuned, please sign up to be notified about our game announcement as soon as it’s ready! – OnceLost Games

The setup of this ambitious studio looks like this:

Ted Peterson – Design Director

Ted is a writer and designer, who was one of the original The Elder Scrolls designers. He also worked on Arena, Daggerfall, Oblivion, and Morrowind as both the writer and game designer. Ted’s contribution to all these and other titles is measured in his 25-year-long career in building all these household games from ground up.

Julian LeFay – Technical Director

Julian is an accomplished musician, while in the business of developing video games he is regarded as a legend. He is working as a game designer and programmer since the ‘80s, and he started out with games on Amiga. Julian is credited with dozens of games, while some of the most famous titles he has worked as director on are The Elder Scrolls: Arena, Battlespire, and Daggerfall. The fans of the series refer to Julian as “The Father of The Elder Scrolls”

Ian Phoenix – Marketing Director

Ian is working for over fifteen years in the field of marketing, graphic design, video production, and he has contributed to the success of many companies in the past. He is also credited with creating several indie games, video game documentaries, and popular reviews and is said to be in on the creative side of the video gaming biz since he was twelve.

Vijay Lakshman – Executive Producer

Lakshman has over twenty five years in the biz as a game designer, producer, and a published writer. The Elder Scrolls: Arena marks his first big production, while Vijay has worked on over 80 titles since then, including Lord of the Rings: Online. He is the author of Mythborn, the award-winning fantasy novel series.

These four guys are the founders of the OnceLost Games studio. What was lost is now found it seems, as the guys and their team are aiming to revolutionize gaming. The industry has somewhat strayed today because of the nature of the transactions, clients, and corresponding content that are all leading the developers towards creating replayable content aimed at making money. The industry is desperate for some fresh blood, but enriched with experience and expertise sort to say, so we look to our Elders to shine a light on us once more.