Merge Magic

Merge Magic! – new adventure puzzle game has arrived

Zynga’s Merge Magic! is the latest spellbinding puzzle adventure from the hit maker publisher, who is of course known for bringing us so many popular games, like FarmVille, Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars, CityVille, and the list goes on. This new title is the follow-up on their massively successful title Merge Dragons! And the name of the game is conjuring up mythical creatures, so get creative! Both titles were developed by Gram Games, which was also put on the map with hit games like 1010! And Six!

Merge Magic! is now available for
Android and iOS, and it is essentially a puzzle game featuring a stunning fairytale graphics style and a simple but highly engaging gameplay design. Both titles feature a somewhat innovative take on the puzzle genre, as here you match unique and magical beasts and creatures found in your garden to produce staggering results, but it doesn’t end there. The player is of course engaged with various quests and participates in tales from the world of Mythia. The journey pits them against the curse which plagues this bewitched land. The players then must develop a deep understanding of the world and all its inhabitants and then proceed to help them evolve by merging everything you can possibly think of – eggs, trees, stars, treasures, magical flowers, and mythical creatures.

In the words of Mr. Eren Yanik, who is the Chief Product Officer of Gram Games developer:

“We wanted to create a new puzzle game where players can merge anything together to create unique mythical creatures that no one has ever seen before. The possibilities are rousing in Merge Magic!, taking our signature ‘match and hatch’ gameplay to bewitching new heights, offering players lots of depth in exploration and immersing them throughout their journey. Our future in-game events will also offer the community different ways to interact and enjoy the gameplay, not least of all our planned events for this coming autumn and Halloween”.

Zynga’s own publishing president, Bernard Kim, weighed in on the new title by saying that Merge Magic! transports the player into a fantastical new world where discovery is as important as deciding what to do with everything the player is presented with. You discover mythical creatures like unicorns, fairies, and all sorts of never-before-seen hybrids, many of which you create yourself. You can combine cats and elephants, butterflies and dragons, and all objects to create powerful items that will help you lift the curse of the mysterious new realm.

Merge Magic! overall features include:

  • Discovering hundreds of fantastic objects and matching, merging, and interacting with them through over 80 challenges
  • Finding fairies, minotaurs, unicorns, and all sorts of known and unknown mythical creatures
  • Fighting off the curse and the fog you need to lift to restore the land and inhabit it with the creatures you cultivate
  • Fighting against witches through a series of engaging puzzles
  • Participating in frequent events and quests to cultivate and expand your garden