Metal Madness PVP Shooter – Tips & Tricks


This new game with the ‘80s vibe brings the delight of the good old Twisted Metal to your mobile phone and also revives the old action-packed driving mania. But, as similar as Metal Madness PvP Shooter is to Twisted Metal, the same tips cannot apply for the game now has completely different command response feeling, which is adapted to the touch screen perfectly, and regarding shooting there’s the auto aim…

Metal Madness PVP Shooter

Should I stay or should I go? I just wanna drive like a pro…

If you are a fan of driving simulations, it will come as no real news to you that any decent driving sim must have a good drifting capability, and Metal Madness touch commands are responding delightfully. Where does that put us? Well, once you get in the game for the first time, you will notice most players simply punching the gas non-stop and driving forwards, shooting at what is in front of their Corsairs.

Metal Madness PVP Shooter

Never Play chicken, for only the winner eats chicken dinner.

This severely limits players’ maneuverability as they will be very vulnerable to any other enemy car that is not directly in front of them. When facing an opponent in front of you and the two of you are driving towards each other and shooting it is, in fact, the age-old chicken standoff.

When in a situation like this, never ever follow up the chicken standoff to the end, because it is simply a matter of who started shooting first or who has a better weapon and you will collide eventually, making you vulnerable to other attackers even if you win.

What you should do is turn left or right, and after a short window of time hit the brakes and immediately change the direction of turning to the opposite side of which you first chose. This will cause your car to drift and kind of swivel, again turning your crosshairs to your initial opponent, but this time you won’t be directly in front of him. Even if he turns to follow up on your initial movement, he might miss, or at the very least you won’t be constantly at his crosshairs.

After a second or two, after the drift, your car will stop completely, and begin going in reverse, because the break button is the reverse button as well. This will again give you a maneuverability advantage over the car charging at you, similarly to how the matador outmaneuvers the charging bull.

So, never ever be the guy that’s constantly rushing forwards.

Metal Madness PVP Shooter

Never Bring a Shotgun to a Sniper Fight!

This concerns weapons, and their obvious utility capability.

Shotguns are very powerful at close range, so obviously do not equip them on large and open maps, where you need to close large distances to get close enough to be of use.

Machine guns excel at mid-range, and snipers are made for long range combat. Also, if you are equipped with a sniper, you obviously won’t be rushing to the heat of the battle. Try and stay away, find a position, be patient, and when the players engage one another, take your opportunity to provide your allies with cover fire.

Always try to stay at max range with a Machine gun, Sniper, Laser, Impulse gun, Rocket Launcher, Chain Lightning gun, Plasma gun, Destruction ray, and Railgun.

Utilize the drifting as much as possible with other weapons, such as the Flamethrower, Flame Whip, and the Shotgun.

Metal Madness Tips and Tricks

Always Bet on the Right Horse.

Depending on your weapon of choice, you must use the right car type. If you go for the long range weapon, you need a faster, more nimble vehicle, like the Swordfish or the Reaver. Subsequently, if you plan on staring the enemy in the eye, or the windshield, in this case, you need to get a heavier armored car. Also, note that every car type offers a secondary bonus feature, besides armor and speed.

A good example is the Knight car, with 1625 Armor and 140 mph speed. The less armor it has the higher its damage is, so this car will definitely not be used to its full potential if you plan on colliding with enemies often. The Knight is great when paired with the Rocket Launcher.

Metal Madness PVP Shooter tips and tricks

To Pay or Not to Pay?

The cars can be bought with tokens or for real money. If you plan on spending money on this game, your car choices will go from the Reaver ($36) to the Knight ($55), and all in-between. If you want to farm tokens instead it is best left up to you. But, if you want to make the maximum from this game’s experience and save your time, we recommend a minimal investment of $ 3.12 for the Swordfish, and then purchasing Impulse Gun and equipping. This combo will make an effective way to survive most battles and give you an edge, even against players who pay for the big guns and cars immediately.

Have Fun!

Remember, the old Twisted Metal gods demand that you have fun. Do not spend too much time over thinking about Metal Madness PvP Shooter, just play some team deathmatches and earn some rewards. A little tip for the matchup system, currently the Asian server is much more densely populated. You can switch between European, US, and Asian servers at the start of your queue.