Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch will be developed by Retro Studios

The gaming community received word from the head man of the Nintendo development, Shinya Takahashi, about the next installment of this fan favorite FPS action-adventure game with a cult following. Mr. Takahashi thanked everyone for staying with Nintendo all these years as he unveiled the Metroid Prime 4 Switch announcement and followed it up with some details as to what we can expect.

In fact, the fans are waiting for this 4th installment ever since the E3 in June 2017, when we only got the logo picture and hardly anything else. It was disclosed that Kensuke Tanabe, the Metroid Prime franchise producer, is at the helm of the project with a talented team, and now he admitted that the development is proving to be a challenging one.

If you have time for Mr. Takahashi’s full press release statement, you can view it here:

As much as Mr. Takahashi’s apologetic tone may or may not piss fans off and maybe disappoint some hardcore Metroid Prime followers, this is in fact assurance that everything in Nintendo is being handled properly, as per usual, at least with the development of this game. In his own words, Mr. Takahashi emphasizes that he keeps his ear close to the ground as to what the fans expect, and Nintendo has proven this time and time again.

Furthermore, Mr. Shinya did not apologize so much as he, in fact, said that the quality the team achieved so far is not satisfactory as to the demanding expectations. We as fans have set the bar high and we now have to wait, as Kensuke Tanabe deserves the benefit of the doubt. He did not let us down with previous 3 titles, let’s give him the time to grow Metroid Prime 4 switch.

Mr. Takahashi

We were just told the development goes non-stop since 2017, and in Mr. Takahashi’s own words: “…we must let you know that the current development progress has not reached the standards we seek in a sequel to the Metroid Prime series.” He then went on to explain how, since the development is proving to be a challenging one, they are bringing in the Retro Studios team, who developed the original Metroid Prime series. Unfortunately, this means they are beginning from scratch, but we are surely going to get our time’s worth.